See the Northern Lights from the Aurora Sky Station

    See theNorthern Lights it is one of those shows that in life you should admire at least once in your life for the beauty of the colors and the strong emotional impact that it brings with it. L'Aurora Sky Station in the national park of Abisko it was built to observe the greatest light show on earth: the Northern Lights.

    Aurora Sky Station is located in the Abisko National Park in northern Swedish Lapland, near the Norwegian border. This lookout station is perfect for observing the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights, they call themselves "probably the best spot to observe the Northern Lights".

    Abisko itself is one of the best places on the planet to observe the Northern Lights due to being in a place where it never rains and therefore the skies are almost always free of clouds.

    Furthermore Aurora Sky Station is located 900 meters above sea level on the mountain Nuolja. To get there you take the cable car, which in itself is a fantastic experience. Then once you get up, at the Aurora Sky Station you will find an exhibition dedicated to the Northern Lights, created in collaboration with the Institute of Astrophysics Physics. During the exhibition, the visitor not only learns notions inherent to the phenomenon, but has the opportunity to see it and even hear its sound.

    There is also a café on site Panorama Café and a wonderful view of Torneträsk, Lapporten and the Abisko mountains. Thanks to the perpetually cloudless sky there is no better place to observe this one wonder of nature. Just go to Abisko station, take the chairlift to Aurora Sky Station and sit in an armchair waiting for the changing sky to watch one of the most spectacular natural phenomena.

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