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    Stockholm, on the ice skating rinks

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    Stockholm's ice skating rinks. Two ice skating rinks in Sweden's most beautiful city, come and read our tips on Christmas activities in Stockholm.

    Christmas in Stockholm for a magical holiday between snow and unspoiled landscapes. The most magical city in northern Europe offers interesting activities to practice ice skating or relax with a hot chocolate.

    With the low cost company EasyJet it starts from Barcelona, ​​but not only from Barcelona, ​​for Stockholm all year round. A magical weekend awaits you if you are a couple, but an equally pleasant stay if you are with your family. The costs are really minimal, the EasyJet starts from 22 € each way and promises to arrive at your destination in just under three hours.

    Here, once you arrive, you can immediately treat yourself to a great afternoon of ice skating. The Kungstradgarden it is one of the oldest parks in the city center. Here you can rent skates for an entire afternoon and experience a wonderful adventure. Also if you are already skilled skaters try the guided tour on Malaren, the third largest lake in Sweden.

    Ice skating in Stockholm is one of the activities that I recommend most. After wandering around the city's Christmas Markets and shopping, there is nothing better to feel like a local than going ice skating. I recommend these two skating rinks over all the others, but if you know others and want to suggest them, leave us a comment at the bottom of the post.

    Vasaparken ice rink

    Large and popular ice rink in Stockholm, open 8am to 21pm on weekdays and 10am to 21pm on weekends. It is a mechanically frozen ice rink, this means that the ice is not dependent on weather conditions. The Vasaparken ice rink opens between November and March.

    Kungsträdgården ice rink

    The skating rink located in the city center is a must for the winter for many visitors here in Stockholm. Renting skates is inexpensive and you can learn to skate calmly here too, if you are not good at it. Opening hours vary, but the track normally opens for lunch and closes sometime between 18:30 pm and 20:30 pm.

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