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    Where NOT to go for Easter: in Sweden

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    Where not to go for Easter? In Sweden, to cite an example. Who knows, maybe the list could go on, with: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Holland, Belgium? Maybe. They are places that I have not visited during the Easter period (to be honest, Oslo yes, but I leave the considerations to post posterity).

    And, I feel like, who knows if I ever will, to see them for Easter. Returning to the Sweden: certainly splendid in its two topical seasons, Winter and Summer, or even in Spring (very) late, it gives its worst in that time of the year of Spring-not Spring. Late March-April, so to speak. That period when Easter usually falls. If you are a Catholic and want to experience the highlights of the Holy Week, relive the Passion of Christ by breathing its atmosphere and faith, carefully avoid Sweden, because here you will not find any of this, of course (for historical reasons that we all know, for better or for worse). If you are not Catholic and for you Easter simply equates to longing for chocolate in new and unusual zoomorphic forms or in any case with rounded corners, avoid Sweden anyway, because this is the season of the non-season: it is no longer the true season of snow, but it is not yet that of the awakening of nature; it is no longer the high winter season, but not yet the low summer season: not even the shade of flowers (too cold); maybe a little snow if you're lucky (too hot).

    Which color predominates in nature? Brown. Tourist activities? Many are closed for holidays (... yes, THEIR holidays!). THE characteristic villages of fishermen? Deserts. Prices? Those of always: tall. And that's when you ask yourself: high prices for high prices, couldn't I at least come in July? Or in December? Too late: now you are in the right place at the wrong time, trapped in limbo of the Swedish non-season. Maybe next time.

    In short: even if Easter falls in Spring and in itself evokes "spring", in both a physical and religious sense, it is good to remember that under the label of "Spring" there is a wide range of atmospheric phenomena ... Spring can still be Winter or it can already be Summer, or neither. And saying “Easter holidays” is not always the same as saying “spring holidays”. Then for Easter I do not recommend going north and I recommend all other directions: East, South, West. For Spring, the "real" one, that very short period of time in which the weather does not disregard the expectations created by the calendar, but supports them, well, then go wherever you want, including Sweden.

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