Three gems of the Val d'Orcia: Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino

Tuscany is the region of a thousand discoveries: read the post and book a stay full of beauty, wine and excellent food in Val d'Orcia: Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino are waiting for you!

La Val d'Orcia it is a large valley located in Tuscany: all to be discovered.

Departure at 14 discovering Montepulciano, a small town of Etruscan origin overlooking the Val d'Orcia: a paradise for wine cellars.

1. The magic of Montepulciano

I must admit that Tuscany for me is always the land of wonderful discoveries, but I think the magic that Montepulciano transmits is unparalleled.

We reach Montepulciano around 16 pm, just outside the walls you can park your car for a few euros a day.
Free from any hindrance, we head to the discovery of the town center, which, as often happens for the towns enclosed by walls, is very quiet with the classic characteristics of the medieval village.

The cellars of Montepulciano

Famous are obviously the wine cellars of this locality, which follow one another along the main street of the country, as the Gattavecchi winery - active since 1940 - and the Contucci winery - putative fathers of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano -.

In each cellar it is possible, in addition to visiting the very large storage spaces by barrel, buy a rechargeable magnetic badge and taste the various proposals independently.
In some it is also possible to buy cold cuts and cold cuts to accompany the characteristic red wines of the area.

The cellars alternate with small shops of ancient crafts, remained uncontaminated over time: from the gentleman who works the copper to the one who works the glass.
I recommend entering and talking with these artists and artisans on the meaning of their profession because it is truly fascinating.

The afternoon goes by very quickly and, when dinner time has come, Montepulciano offers many small and typical taverns, where you can enjoy an excellent meat proposal at very balanced prices compared to the quality of the enchanting product.

The purchase of a few bottles of local wine is recommended - in small shops dedicated to specific wineries - to take home. They are truly remarkable and above all we are sure of their origin.

2. Pienza: Unesco Heritage

We stay in one of the hotels just outside the walls and the next morning we head towards another village that always has its roots in the Val d'Orcia: Pienza.

Pienza is very famous for the production of cheese and ... wow what a scent!

Parked the car is intoxicated by the scent, perhaps at certain times of the day excessively present, which never leaves the area. Part of the significant historical-artistic heritage of Pienza is concentrated in the suggestive square dedicated to Pope Pius II. UNESCO heritage.

Within the walls of this small town, marvelous Renaissance buildings alternate with shops specializing in the sale of local cheese, in the more or less seasoned, more or less tasty version.

3. Eating in Montalcino

Our trip to the Val d'Orcia ends with a divine lunch in a small tavern in Montalcino: Re di Macchia. Hunger made us hurry up because they would be waiting for us typical crostini, pinci with wild boar sauce and cantucci as a dessert, all accompanied wonderfully and strictly by local wine.

Val d'Orcia remains in your heart.

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