The salt pans of Trapani, a Sicilian magic

    Le saline of Trapani they have a rather ancient origin, already at the time of domination Norman in fact in Sicily there are traces and documents of this activity. The power and the first characteristic of salt has always been to preserve food, which is the reason for these large basins. But what are the salt pans, what are they used for and above all where can they be seen?

    In Trapani the salt pans occupy a territory, a coastal strip of approx one thousand hectares divided between the areas of Trapani and Paceco, going towards the city of Marsala along the SP 21. Here many salt pans are privately owned while others are managed by WWF Italy. Here the WWF offers, by appointment, meetings, games, educational workshops for grades and children, but also guided tours and indications on how to behave at the table to save nature.

    I mills which are found in the salt pans of Trapani are truly suggestive, especially at sunset. Salt-filled tubs get even more beautiful in the summer when you do tinged with pink and the contrast with the blades of the mill, which serves to pump the water, offers an enchanting drawing to the viewer.

    A beautiful place that can be found in the salt pans of Trapani is here Salt Trattoria, a house of 300 years with a mill that is proposed as a restaurant and where, due to the beauty of the landscape, the wedding lunches of different weddings.

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