The Bellavia Pastries in Naples, between history, crisis and gluttony

    The Bellavia Pastries in Naples, between history, crisis and gluttony

    The history of the Bellavia pastry shop was born in 1925 with Vincenzo. From there, from generation to generation, there has been a continuous rise and expansion up to a franchising project and the almost symbolic division of the company into two branches. The branch of the Bellavia pastry shop which was established at Vomero, with three locations: one a Piazza Vanvitelli, an a via Luca Giordano and one a via della Pigna. And the branch of the Antica Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia, based in via Fragnito in Rione Alto, in piazza Musii all'Arenella, inside the Capodichino airport and, soon, there will be the opening of a new office in via Giacomo Leopardi in Fuorigrotta.

    About two years ago, Antica Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia opened another store on the Caracciolo seafront, on the corner of via Caracciolo and piazza Vittoria. For two years now and up to a few days ago, tourists from all over the world could carve out a moment of relaxation and pure pleasure, sipping a good coffee and savoring Bellavia's excellent sweets while sitting comfortably at the table overlooking the sea.

    Unfortunately, however, for a few days now, the marine shutters of Bellavia have not been raised anymore: after only two years, the headquarters in via Caracciolo has closed, in view of a transfer to the aforementioned via Leopardi, in Fuorigrotta, a neighborhood that is certainly less touristy but easier to reach because it is not subject to Ztl (limited traffic area). Is it the fault of the crisis or the fault of the LTZ? Who knows, maybe both. The only sure thing is that Naples and the waterfront have lost a lot both in history and in culinary tourism. Bellavia is famous not only in Naples, but throughout Campania and beyond the region for one of its best desserts: the Nutellotta (or Cioccolotta): chocolate sponge cake stuffed and covered with Nutella, decorated with milk chocolate shavings, for which many young and old are willing to travel miles and miles to secure a slice. Bellavia, however, is not just nutellotta, names like Vesuvius resonate in its menu, Sette Veli Cake, Babà, Nougat, Rosh, Ricotta and Pear, Milleunanotte, Sin of Partenope, Pan di stelle, Bronte, Exotica, Mont Blanc, ... passing through jams, spreadable creams, typical Christmas and Easter sweets, ice creams, liqueurs and rotisserie.

    Take a look at the official sites of the two branches of the company:
    Bellavia pastry shop:
    Antica Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia:

    And then take a trip to Naples and come and try them both :)

    I leave you with a gem: Have you ever seen "A Place in the Sun"On RaiTre? Well, you will surely know Guido Del Bue, the very nice policeman played by Germano Bellavia. Germano BELLAVIA. Eh, no, it's not a case of homonymy! Our policeman, having discarded his uniform, runs to wear the pastry chef's apron and to receive customers and curious people in his famous Antica Pasticceria Vincenzo Bellavia. One more reason to go, don't you think? ;)

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