What to do if you are stopped by the American police

Another myth animated by cinema and Hollywood is the fear of being stopped by the police while driving a car in the United States. Like most of the American population, policemen are also very friendly to people, especially tourists. If you are stopped by the police, there are still some recommendations to keep in mind.

What to do if stopped by the police

Find a safe place to stay stop and turn off the engine. Leave your hands on the top of the dashboard.

Provide the documents required with slow movements.

Usually i requested documents are the driving license, the car documents and an identification document. Provide your passport so they can see that you are a tourist.

Hold i documents always at hand to prevent them from being in the glove compartment or suitcase.

It must always be kind, respectful and provide all required documents.

Do not get out of the car if not required and always keep your hands on the wheel.

Very important thing is always respect the traffic laws and speed limits. Many times policemen and sheriffs are hidden behind flower beds and ready to chase after those who do not respect the driving rules and speed limits.

If you get a fine it is advisable not to argue, besides that you will not get anything, you could make them angry. This could lead to an extension of the detention and further penalties.

If you don't know English, before leaving, have a written document prepared saying that: you do not know English, that you are a tourist, where you come from and where you are headed.

What to do if you are stopped by the American police
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