The 7 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia where it seems to be in the Caribbean

Sardinia is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful, chic, elegant and fashionable islands of the Mediterranean and from North to South and from East to West it preserves beaches, coves and natural coves with Caribbean features.

  • The most suggestive and characteristic coves and inlets of Sardinia: what they are
  • Cala Luna - Orosei
  • Bidderosa beach - Orosei
  • Cala Brandinchi – San Teodoro
  • Principe Beach - Arzachena
  • Tuerreda beach - Teulada
  • Su Giudeu Beach - Chia
  • Punta Molentis beach - Villasimius
  • Sardinia beaches: images and photos

The most suggestive and characteristic coves and inlets of Sardinia: what they are

It seems difficult to name, choose, indicate or fall in love with a particular beach in Sardinia there are so many sites worthy of attention, as if they were a single large fresco impossible to focus on.

Le beaches of Sardinia they are like sisters, a rosary of beauties and breathtaking corners to be enjoyed step by step.

A promise for lovers of sports and photos, of travelers as well as sailors.

You will find exceptional sea views to remember and tell.

They are some of the most unique beaches in the entire Mediterranean Sea and have similar characteristics to other regional beaches, such as Ibiza e Magaluf, but they are quite unique due to the magical geography of the island, its breath, its unmistakable shades of flavors, colors and smells.

A fantastic picture, a jazz session of blue and color.

Le coasts of Sardinia they seem to have such a variety to satisfy our desires as travelers hungry for experiences, cliffs, limestone headlands, deep and clear waters for snorkelling, bays and inlets.

Sardinia in Camper

The best locations seem almost painted in this fairytale landscape.

A beach holiday is best enjoyed, in exploration with a camper or near the many accommodation facilities, thanks also to the offer of restaurants and nightclubs, to complete the whole.

Yet sometimes, if you close your eyes you might almost see and hear some of these fantastic ones beaches.

We would like to point out that in this guide we will not talk about Cala Goloritze or the splendid Pelosa di Stintino which do not need any introduction.

Cala Luna - Orosei

Cala Luna it is considered by many to be the most beautiful but it is, without a doubt, the flagship of the extraordinary Gulf of Orosei (this beach also needs no introduction but it was impossible to resist).

The water of the Mediterranean of this incredible beach is a kaleidoscope of blue that varies throughout the day, from bright turquoise during the day to a laced blue of pink at sunset.

This wonderful beach is surrounded by a luxuriant vegetation of oleanders and its name derives from its very particular crescent shape.

Cala Luna is located near the village of Dorgali on the northwestern part of the island, its waters are clean and clear and it is ideal for families with small children and for lovers of diving.

Bidderosa beach - Orosei

We stay in Gulf of Orosei because it is impossible not to mention the Bidderosa Beach composed of five coves inhabited by junipers, eucalyptus e pin; in short, a real spectacle of nature.

Bidderosa is immersed in the extraordinary wonders of the homonymous natural oasis, it is composed of almost blinding white sand, soft and thin and the colors of sea they can only be a postcard.

The warm water of the Mediterranean, settling in the bays during high tide, makes the beach one of the most peaceful and enviable places for relaxation.

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Cala Brandinchi – San Teodoro

Located in the nearby hamlet of Capo di Coda Cavallo, Cala Brandinchi it is the flagship of San Teodoro and is inserted in a more unique than rare naturalistic and landscape context.

Cala Brandinchi has been renamed with the name of "The little Tahiti of San Teodoro", is composed of very thin white sand, is entirely surrounded by pine forests and dunes and is particularly suitable for families with small children as the seabed slopes gently towards the open sea, thus guaranteeing safe bathing.

Principe Beach - Arzachena

That of the Principe is without question one of the most famous beaches of the Costa Smeralda and it is so wonderfully beautiful that you can compare it to those of the Caraibi it could be an offense.

La Beach Prince it is so called because it was the favorite of Karim Aga Khan, the one who transformed Sardinia into a luxury tourist destination, it is composed of very thin white sand, the color of the sea varies from green to turquoise and is protected by pink granite rocks; in short, a more unique than rare show.

Tuerreda beach - Teulada

Another beach that will make you fall in love at first sight is that of Tuerredda which is located in Teulada, one of the cheapest seaside resorts in Sardinia.

La Tuerredda beach it is even considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the color of the sea takes on all shades of blue (including turquoise) and hosts bathing facilities very comfortable and efficient.

Su Giudeu Beach - Chia

La Su Giudeu Beach is another of the jewels of Sardinia and thanks to the natural dunes it presents itself with a breathtaking landscape that is extraordinary to say the least.

This wonderful beach in soft and fine light sand is composed of free beaches e equipped beaches and particularly suitable for families with small children as the seabed is shallow.

Punta Molentis beach - Villasimius

Embellished with a florid and luxuriant Mediterranean scrub and enclosed between a mass of rocks and a small promontory, the Punta Molentis beach presents itself to visitors with an unmistakable charm that will surprise you.

La Punta Molentis beach it is that place where nature has triumphed and gave the best of itself, the color of the sea varies from blue to turquoise and the sand is a blinding white, dotted with pink on the shoreline.

Sardinia beaches: images and photos

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