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  • Travel to Africa guide, itinerary and useful information
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Travel to Africa guide, itinerary and useful information

Going to Africa means taking a breathtaking journey to the top of the mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

It means embarking on a safari in Botswana, to admire the spectacular Okavango Delta and Chobe Park.

See theAfrica it means witnessing the majestic migration of wildlife throughout the Serengeti e Masai Mara, get involved in the beauty of the majestic ones Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world and discover the mysteries of the Mountain gorilla in Uganda and Rwanda.

Africa useful tips, what to see and places to visit

THEAfrica a boundless continent full of places to discover. There are many countries to visit, but there are some destinations that cannot be missing in your travel diary:


Discover the adventure of trekking on top of the mount Kilimanjaro.

Embark on a boat safari along the mighty fiume Rufiji.

Travel between Kenya and Tanzania: 8 parks in 9 days

Watch the sun rise over the famous crater of Ngorongoro, or discover the ancient Maasai traditions.

Create your own adventure and it will be the perfect start to an unforgettable vacation in Tanzania.


Kenya is one of the most sought-after destinations in Africa.

Its breathtaking views, the mountains covered with lush forests, the populations of exotic fauna and savana extraordinary of Masai Mara, are just some of the many tourist attractions the country has to offer.

Enjoy an exciting vacation by organizing a safari in an area of ​​the earth where you can admire unique wildlife.


Il Botswana it is the true Eden of Africa.

Known for its beautiful inland delta, Botswana offers travelers a truly amazing experience, thanks to the unrivaled biodiversity it is able to offer in the safari.

The country is rich in wetlands, of arid deserts and game reserves.

Unravel the mysteries of the great Okavango Delta, the largest and most beautiful oasis ofAfrica.


South Africa is a unique combination of topography, people, history and culture that offer the traveler an unforgettable vacation.


THEUganda it is a classic destination for adventure tourism.

Safari in Tanzania

The country that stretches on both sides of the equator, with a network of 10 national parks and with numerous others protected areas, offers wildlife enthusiasts an electrifying opportunity to experience extraordinary biodiversity.

Africa photo gallery

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