Texel, in the north of Holland: what to do in 3 days

Texel in Holland, one of the Frisian Islands reachable in about 3 hours from Amsterdam. What to do in 3 days, where to sleep and what activities to do especially with children, in the post.

Texel (pronounced Tessel) is an island located in the north of Holland and part of the Frisian Islands. Texel is an island you do not expect because we are all used to thinking of Holland as a country full of canals, boats and narrow streets. On Texel, the only thing that unites the island to other mainland towns is the presence of bicycles. For the rest everything is different!

There are no canals, there are no narrow streets. There is lots of sand, long stretches of sand towards the sea and more sheep, there are many more than the inhabitants of the island. Finally, in Texel there is one thing that I particularly liked, the expanses of fields and of open spaces, of sand and sea that I have not found anywhere else in Holland.

Despite mine three nights on Texel, I could not see the symbol of the island, unfortunately, his red lighthouse which is located north of Texel. Since I was traveling with my family, I devoted myself to more fun activities, spending a lot of time by the sea and visiting some of the places suitable for families, such as Flora or Ecomare. Texel is an incredible place to spend a few days in summer or early autumn. Here the accommodations like holiday houses, hotels, bungalow o camping there is no shortage, there really is something for everyone. We were staying in an apartment in De Koog and right there in front of the beach was an incredible stretch of tents. People who had been there for weeks probably seeing from their equipment. On Texel I relaxed a lot, also thanks to the restaurants and clubs, especially thanks to the renowned Paal 19, which they say has the most beautiful sunset view on the island (and I can confirm it).

What to get there and how to move around Texel

Getting to Texel is not difficult at all, it only takes a little time. From Amsterdam or any other city, you have to take the train (or car) to Den Helder. Once you arrive at the station, you will find there behind the buses that take you to the port of the city (they pass quite frequently, alternatively on foot it is about 25 minutes by road through the town). At the port you can't go wrong, it is very easy to board the Teso ship which takes about 20 minutes. The cost of the ticket is € 2.50 and the ship is beautiful inside, new and with lots of games for children, a dining room for adults and comfortable for those arriving and having to board cars or bicycles.

Once in Texel you will immediately find a bus waiting for you, at least for us it was like this or if you don't find it it will arrive shortly thereafter. We have seen the location of De Koog (where we slept three nights) and where Ecomare and Flora are also located, but also the locality of Oudeschild, where we embarked for a ride in the sea and to see how shrimps are caught and the locality of Den Burg where we visited a beautiful educational farm. We have always traveled by bicycle, renting a trolley for the little one of the family. Texel is an island that he runs quietly with his own means, just bring a poncho in case of rain.

What to see on Texel with children

There are many things that can be done with children and we took the opportunity in three days to relax and have fun together. De Koog it is a small center where there are several tourist facilities, two large supermarkets, clothing shops and bicycle rental. As in all of Holland, the cycle paths are wonderful, comfortable and well structured.

Starting from De Koog by bike we visited a few km away Flora, the museum of the sea that makes all its visitors discover everything that the sea gives back and has given back over the years. An infinite series of things, shoes, clothes, boats, bottles, ship objects and lots of movies, games and activities to do with the children on the spot. A place to explain even to the little ones how great and vast is the sea, but also how dangerous it can be and how to take care of it. Flora is a colorful place where you can relax and where you can discover countless wonders.

Ecomare, not so far away, is a real museum of the sea where there are dozens and dozens of seals of different ages. The paradise of seals but also of the sea that is explained and seen from different angles, from the inside, from the outside and from afar. The seals let themselves be admired but also respect for animals and the nature that surrounds us are taught.

One thing that I really enjoyed visiting, which is not just and exclusively for children, is Schapen Boerderij which is located near Den Burg. This educational farm is special. You can find lots of sheep and rabbits and cows, ponies, chicks, roosters and hens. Almost everything is free and there are many small animals that can also be caressed by children. An experience that has left its mark also thanks to the environment, full of games and proposals for children.

Where to sleep on Texel with the family

There are so many accommodations on Texel. My advice is to opt for an apartment if you are a family. On Texel, you eat relatively early, around 18-19pm, but no business opens before 9am, including bars. In the apartment then, especially if you are an early riser, you will be comfortable having breakfast or at least bring a mocha for coffee. The accommodation where we slept in De Koog is Hotel Zeerust Texel, the apartment in this case and not the hotel rooms. As an alternative, as I said at the beginning, Texel is full of campsites and bungalows especially for those who intend to dedicate more than 3 days to the island.

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