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What to see in Syracuse

SIRACUSA is one of most beautiful cities in Sicily and has a millenary history as its own foundation dates back to around 733 BC

Considered one of the largest metropolis of the classical age, SIRACUSA was born on the southeastern coast of the Sicilia and in 2005 it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Let's see together what to see in Syracuse and which are the major ones places of interest:

Ortigia Island Syracuse

THEOrtigia island is the old part of SIRACUSA and is connected to the mainland by the Ponte Santa Lucia and Ponte Umbertino.

Syracuse nightlife

Here you can i most beautiful museums and monuments of Syracuse, you can take long walks among the many and characteristics streets of the historic center and you can eat e beer something in one of many restaurants e local.

Greek Theater Syracuse

Il Greek Theatre it was built in the XNUMXth century BC and is one of the largest attractions of Sicily.

This beautiful theater is the heart of the Archaeological Park of the Neapolis of Syracuse and the place to attend a classic tragedy in an ancient theater.

Sculpture park Syracuse

Il Sculpture park of Syracuse, also known as Park 01, is a kind of permanent, open-air exhibition of sculptures e art installations.

This beautiful and particular park was inaugurated on December 12, 2015 and houses the works of 10 artists like Vittorio CorsiniFederico GoriFrancesco CaroneDavide Bramante, Helena Hladilova e Nasmal Siedlecki, James Harris, Adalberto Mecarelli, Moira Ricci, Michele Spanghero e Ignazio Mortellaro.

Fonte Aretusa Syracuse

Arethusa source it is one of the largest Syracuse attractions and it is one freshwater mirror which is located onOrtigia island a short distance from the sea.

The legend according to which Arethusa which was one nymph, to escape from Alpheus who was in love with her, asked for help from Artemide who turned it into one source to save her.

Ear of Dionysus Syracuse

THEEar of Dionysius is a cave located inside the Latomia of Paradise.

Le Summer are present on the territory of Syracuse and its surroundings and, in fact, they are stone quarries which at the time were used as real ones prigioni.

Syracuse where to eat well and spend little

According to legend theEar of Dionysius it was excavated, in fact, by Dionysius of Syracuse and used this stone quarry to secretly hear the speeches of the enemies he had imprisoned.

Maniace Castle Syracuse

Il Maniace Castle was built by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia on the extreme tip of theIsland of Ortigia and dates back to 1200.

This beautiful and impressive construction proposes breathtaking views as it offers a 360 ° view of the sea.

Cathedral of Syracuse

Il Cathedral of Syracuse it is the most important and imposing religious architecture of the city and is located in the highest part ofOrtigia island and features elements in style Roccoco e barocco.

At the time the Duomo, also known as the Cathedral of the Nativity of Maria Santissima, Was Greek temple dedicated to the Goddess Minerva and, inside, it houses a treasure and a crucifix from the Byzantine era.

Others places of interest in Syracuse I'm:

Temple of Apollo Syracuse

And the oldest temple in Sicily and, over the centuries, it has been transformed into one Norman church, a Spanish barracks, a Arab mosque it's a Byzantine church.

Catacombs and Church of San Giovanni alle Catacombe Syracuse

After those of Rome, the catacombs of the Church of San Giovanni alle Catacombe are the largest ofSpain and they are really beautiful to look at.

Eurialo Castle Syracuse

This beautiful fortification it is located just outside the center of Syracuse, enjoys a unique position and is a suggestive place thanks to its underground rooms, corridors e ditches.

Church of Santa Lucia Syracuse

Located in Piazza Duomo, Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia (patron saint of Syracuse) hosts The Burial of Santa Lucia which is a very important one painting by Caravaggio.

Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime

This Church it was built in the 60s to preserve a plaster picture who wept and don't forget to look at the very special ceiling inside.

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Syracuse pictures and photos

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