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Capital Bulgaria

Sofia is the largest and most densely populated city in the Bulgaria and it is there capital.

This beautiful city (1 million and 800 thousand inhabitants) was born at the foot of the monte Vitosa in the western part of the country, it is made up of 24 neighborhoods and hosts sixteen university institutes very important.

Sofia Bulgaria places of interest

After Rome and Athens, Sofia is the oldest city in Europe and has a lot to see.

Here is according to our experience what to see in Sofia:

Sofia nightlife

Aleksandar Nevski Sofia Cathedral

La Aleksandar Nevski Orthodox Cathedral is one of main attractions of the city of Sofia.

Entirely built in Byzantine style (1882 - 1924) this magnificent structure is about 50 meters high, can accommodate up to 5000 people and the dome main is composed of 12 bells.

Boyana Church

La Boyana Church is one of the Sofia's major attractions and in 1979 it was inserted byUnesco in the list of heritage of humanity.

Inside you can admire paintings starting from the distant 1259 which represent one of the most complete examples ofmedieval art dell 'Eastern Europe.

Church of St. George

La Church of St. George dates back toearly Christian era and has a circular shape.

Built in the XNUMXth century entirely in red laterzio, Church of St. George is the oldest building in Sofia.

Church of the Holy Week

Where to eat in Sofia

Sofia National Theater

Statue of Tsar Alexander II

National Assembly Building

We remember that Sofia is one of Cheaper European capitals so it is a pleasure to visit it far and wide.

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Sofia Bulgaria pictures

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