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Sofia guide and advice on when to go, how to get around, climate, temperatures, currency and where to shop.

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Sofia how to move

Il means of transport main and most effective for move to Sofia it is the subway which is is newly built.

La Sofia metro extends for about 39 km, is made up of two lines (blue and red), has 34 stop stations and runs every day from 5:00 to 24:00.

Another efficient and comfortable means of transport is the taxi which is a lot economic and we recommend that you use the radio taxi of companies Radio CB Taxi e Ok Supertrans which are the most serious and reliable ones.

We advise against using bus and trams which are antiques and we remind you to always stamp the ticket before the race so as not to risk unnecessary fines (there are many checks).

Sofia nightlife

Sofia when to go

Il best time to visit Sofia runs from May to June and from September to October.

Who has no problems with the hot ne with the cold can see Sofia during all periods of the year.

Sofia climate and temperatures

Il climate of Bulgaria it is continental in type with cold winters and hot summers.

Le Sofia temperatures they oscillate between -2 ° (minimum) and 6 ° (maximum) during the colder months and between 16 ° (minimum) and 30 ° (maximum) during the warmer months.

Coin of Bulgaria

La Bulgarian currency and the LEV and, on average, 1 LEV is equivalent to 0 cents.

Sofia Bulgaria Shopping

Defined the Eastern European shopping city, Sofia is rich in markets and shop high fashion.

Sofia Bulgaria

The most famous fashion chains of the Sofia city They are found in Vitosha Boulevard e Graf Ignatiev while near the Cathedral of Alexander Nevski you can have fun doing Shopping in shops who sell extravagant products.

Di markets there are lots of them around city and we recommend that you see the ones around the cathedral which are really beautiful and well supplied.

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