Seville in April: all the events of the month

    There is no better city than Seville to welcome you on a warm weekend at the end of April. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the city that smells of orange blossom, you will spend the best hours drinking good wine and eating excellent fried fish to the rhythm of flamenco.

    Oh yes, since 23 al 29 of April in the neighborhood of Los Remedios returns faithful as every year the spectacular April Fair, famous all over the world. Not just a fair, because Sevillians like to do things big: parades of carriages and horses, women and men wearing the typical Andalusian dress and hours and hours spent dancing to eat.

    But what not to miss at the Feria?
    El lunes de el "alumbrao" (23/04)
    It is the opening day of the celebrations when all the lights of the Feria are turned on and the sky lights up with fireworks. This day is also known as the “día del pescaito frito”, and the name already suggests what is the typical dish that opens the celebrations: fried fish !!

    Hell Street
    Like any self-respecting party, the rides and entertainment, for children and adults, could not be missing. From the Viking boat that sways as if on the sea, to the calcinculo, bumper cars and roller coasters.

    The Bullfight
    Started a week before the Feria, it is during the latter that the best bullfighters of Spain come to Seville animating Plaza de Toros. Bullfighting prices vary from 18 to 150 euros, and I already know that many will turn up their noses for the poor bulls, but here is a tradition that the most proud of. And I confess that I myself was intrigued by the stories of my roommate: “It's like a dance, an elegant and sensual dance and the bullfighters ??? They are super guapos! " The most famous: El Cid e El Cayetano.

    An advice
    The Feria de Abril is truly a sight, but unfortunately many of the houses where you can dance and eat are private, and if you are a tourist without a pass you cannot enter. There are also public houses that are literally stormed, so the recommendation is, if you want to eat at the Feria, to go early thus avoiding having to queue up ...

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