A thrilling afternoon at Highgate Cemetery

If you are a London for the Halloween weekend you will be pleased to know that in addition to the classic discos and clubs there is much, much more to do and see, especially if you are looking for… haunted places.

Il Highgate Cemetery, for example, it is one of those places that you absolutely cannot miss if you are looking for the thrill. Opened in 1839, it was one of the most "fashionable" cemeteries and was used by the English Victorian high society, more than 167.000 people they are buried here.

Slowly abandoned and then falling into disuse around the Years' 60 is now the ideal place if you want to visit hers catacombs, or if you want to discover the places that hosted the mysterious unsolved case of the Highgate vampire: absolutely a must for Halloween.

The cemetery is divided into two areas, East and West. It is possible to access the eastern area by paying a small amount of £3 and endorse it on your own, or by paying £7 and take part in one of the organized tours, while the western area, more popular and popular, is accessible only by taking one of the tours, again at a price of £ 7. It is not possible to book i Tickets in advance, whoever arrives first gets seated, but you can find more information on the website www.highgate-cemetery.org metro stop closest to Highgate Cemetery is Archway.

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