Rome to eat, 3 delicious tips for the capital

    Rome, the Eternal City, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Impossible not to be fascinated by its artistic and architectural beauties and by good food. A vast city, full of treasures to discover. One of them is a recent culinary discovery.

    For all those who consider the Tiramisu an exceptional dessert, I recommend you stop by the shop that makes the best sweets in the whole city: Pompi. The result of 50 years of experience, the Pompi tiramisu can easily be called the King of Tiramisu. They can be found for every taste and given the exceptional success, in addition to the historic shop in via Albalonga, another one has been opened close to the Spanish Steps, always maintaining low prices.

    For those who want to savor the Roman tradition, can go to two decidedly spartan and intimate taverns. A stone's throw from Piazza Navona, Roman hospitality and delicious food await you at more than reasonable prices. This is theOsteria del Gallo, definitely small, but delicious. The owner will be able to flood you with her good humor and her excellent advice on Rome.

    If you want to combine an excellent dinner and nightlife, you cannot miss a visit to Trastevere, where theAntica Osteria Rugantino. It is the oldest in Rome, located a stone's throw from the local street. So after a hearty dinner, even here at low prices, you can let loose in the Roman night.

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