Rome, 10 parks for a sunny day

    Rome, 10 parks for a sunny day

    A visit to Rome it cannot be complete without having seen one of the many parks in the capital. The museums of Rome, but also the squares, the Colosseum and its thousands of events are just a small taste of what you can see in Rome, if you love greenery and beautiful sunny days, and in Rome there are often some, you can't help but take a tour in one of the 10 most beautiful parks.

    Villa Pamphilj - in the Aurelio - Monteverde district there is the largest of the Roman villas. An impressive green area where there are groves, fountains and even a lake.

    Villa Borghese
    - in the Pinciano - Parioli - Flaminio district a monumental villa with large green areas and beautiful gardens

    Villa Sciarra - in the Monteverde district a villa with green areas and decorated fountains that brighten the park that was owned by a wealthy American couple until 1928, today belongs to the Municipality.

    Monte Mario - in the Flaminio district inside there is Villa Mazzanti, headquarters of the RomaNatura body, from the viewpoint of the villa you can enjoy a splendid panorama.

    Appia Antica - in the Appio district a huge green area around the consular road. Starting from the Mauseoleo di Cecilia Metella and proceeding towards the Grande Raccordo Anulare, you can make beautiful walks or bike rides.

    Villa Torlonia - in the Nomentano district there is the Italian garden which from 1925 to 1943 was the residence of Mussolini. In liberty style this area also offers many villas such as the Villino Rosso, the Villino Medievale and the Casina delle Civette.

    Villa Ada - in the Salario district there is this large green area where there is an English garden and several groves.

    Villa Celimontana - the park is located in the Celio district a few steps from the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. At the entrance on Via della Navicella is the Renaissance building designed by Jacopo del Duca which has housed the headquarters of the Italian Geographic Society since 1926.

    Orange Garden - is located in the Aventino district, on top of which the park offers a splendid view towards the Tiber and Trastevere.

    Villa Glori - is located in the Parioli District, accessed from the square of the Parco della Rimembranza, at the foot of the park is the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

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