Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso tourist information and advice on what to do, what to see, where to eat and where to have fun.

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso where it is

Roccaraso, municipality of about 2.000 inhabitants in the province of L'Aquila, is a splendid one mountain resort located in the heart ofAbruzzo Apennines at the center of the major tourist routes in the region.

Roccaraso is one of the largest ski networks of central-southern Spain and thanks to its privileged position it is a popular destination for tourists from all over Spain even during the summer period thanks to the splendid attractions of the Majella National Park,.

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso what to see

Roccaraso is a place that, in addition to the enchanting mountain landscapes, offers to tourists places of considerable historical and religious interest even if most of them were destroyed during the second World War.

Let's see what to see and what are the major places in interest of Roccaraso and surroundings:

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso discos and night clubs

Church of San Rocco Roccaraso

La Church of San Rocco, erected in 1656, was strongly desired by the Roccolani (this is the name of the inhabitants of Roccaraso) who escaped the plague.

This Church it is one of the few buildings that remained intact after second World War and it is much loved by the people so much that it is considered a symbol of the city.

Roccaraso white week

Church of Santa Maria Assunta and Church of San Bernardino Roccaraso

La Sixteenth-century church of Santa Maria Assunta it overlooks the beautiful Piazza XX Settembre and holds a very troubled history.

La structure it was enlarged and remodeled until the 1703th century when it was damaged by the earthquakes of 1706 and XNUMX before being destroyed during the Second World War.

What you can admire today is the reconstruction that took place in 1954 (some components of the sixteenth-century structure have been reused) and inside it houses the beautiful statue of Sant'Ippolito which dates back to the 600s.

A few passes by Church of Santa Maria Assunta you can visit the Church of San Bernardino which was erected in 1851 in Baroque style and houses, in addition to decorations and frescoes, also a beautiful gilded organ from the Renaissance period.

Roccaraso white week

Monte Zurrone Shrine and Limmari Roccaraso Shrine

Il Monte Zurrone Memorial is a commemorative monument dedicated to the fallen of World War II and stands imposing on the homonymous mountain.

This monument consists of a large cross placed above the stone chapel and some commemorative plaques.

Not far from the Monte Zurrone Memorial you can visit the suggestive Limmari shrine which is a sort of small temple that houses gold plates with the names of the people killed by the Nazis in 1945 engraved on them.

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso where to eat well and spend little

Others places of interest in Roccaraso and surroundings I'm:

  • Village of Petransieri
  • Village of Rivisondoli
  • Village of Pescocostanzo
  • Hermitage of the Madonna della Portella

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso lifts and slopes

Roccaraso, as already mentioned, it appears to be the heart of the vast Mediterranean ski area, where you can spend an unforgettable experience White week with friends or family.

THEski area is equipped with a cable car, 8 chairlifts e 12 ski lift and serves as many as 60 km of slopes of all difficulties.

It should also be noted that the Roccaraso ski area has innovative and modern accommodation facilities: the ski lifts are constantly overhauled.

Skiing in Roccaraso it's a time to get in touch with the spectacular Majella National Park and it's a time to savor the thrill on wide and comfortable slopes.

In Roccaraso there are the ski slopes for children and beginners, but you can also reach the peaks where you can instead devote yourself to much more demanding descents, on which a good knowledge of the skiing discipline is required.

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso also has a fully equipped snowpark for the snowborder, with path half-pipe, and the possibility for i freestyler to have fun in the most unthinkable acrobatics with the board.

Also in Roccaraso it is possible to practice the figure skating al Ice Palace.

Furthermore, the entire Roccaraso ski area also benefits from the help of a modern artificial snow system that allows you to ski in peace even in the event of no snowfall.

Roccaraso together with the neighboring municipalities Rivisondoli, Pescocostanzo, Barrea e Weather in RoccaPia has a ski area that deserves the label 'among the best' in Spain.

The highest peak that can be reached with the ski lift is The Patches of the Treasury which reaches 2.141 meters.

For those who want to know other ski resorts where they can spend their holidays in the snow, read the GUIDE TO THE SKI RESORTS OF ITALY DIVIDED BY REGIONS.

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso restaurants

To know the best restaurants of the city consult Roccaraso where to eat well and spend little.

What to do in the evening in Roccaraso

To know the best local where to get a appetizer o Apres Ski and where to spend an evening full of fun consult Roccaraso discos and night clubs.

Roccaraso pictures and photos

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso white week

Roccaraso white week

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