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Rhodes useful tips and information

WHAT TO PACK (pre-trip advice): all light clothes, Rhodes is hot.

At most a shrug but nothing more. No shoes with heels, the steep and cobbled streets are not the best on stilts.


We arrive at the airport at 21,30 pm, after an hour and a half of flight with Ryanair which has direct flights from Pisa to Rhodes.

I would say the most convenient, if you live near Pisa (we are from Bologna).

We booked two weeks before for the flight of 6/8/10 - 14/08/10 we spent 370 € each.

There are also scheduled flights but very often you have to make a stopover in Athens extending the flight for many hours.

Once arrived, we immediately look for a taxi to take us to theHotel Africa, booked only for the first night of arrival.

We are surprised to see how long there is to get one, but luckily a taxi driver starts yelling "two seats, two seats!" and so we propose ourselves managing to skip the line.

Rhodes beaches

We travel with another couple, but the price always remains 22 €.

The airport - city of Rhodes it is at this rate.

We arrive at the hotel after about twenty minutes, and we put down the suitcases.

Fortunately the place is in the center but unfortunately the air conditioning does not work and in the room you die from the heat.

Opening the terrace door will only relieve the heat slightly.

Let's say that, having paid 27 € each for 1 night, we don't complain too much but if we had had to stay there for a week, it would have been really hard.

So let's take a stroll through the central streets, where there are clubs every two meters, all attached to each other, with numerous throws that offer drinks for a few euros and cicchetti for € 1 each.

But we're not here to drink tonight, so we're looking for a place to have a quick midnight dinner.

We stop at one shack and we eat with two pies and a bottle of water for € 5 only.

Optimal! We then go back to bed where despite the heat we fall asleep quickly.

Rhodes things to visit


We wake up in time for breakfast which is plentiful but not of great variety, there are two local sweets, eggs, cheese and salami, coffee and milk, and a juice with an uncertain flavor.

We eat something then we go to visit the old town of Rhodes.

During the day our area is almost deserted, we find movement only when we arrive in Piazza Rimini where we take the buses.

Let's check the time for the one to Lindos, which is the country where we will be staying for the rest of the holiday; it runs every half hour until 14,30pm and then every hour and a half.

However, on the other side of the road, continuing 200 meters, there is an information point where you can get all the bus timetables and all the info you need.

Rhodes where to eat well

We continue towards the old part and it is truly a sight to go inside the walls and turn through the old streets, full of bazaars, bars, fountains and squares, as well as a long street on the sea of ​​the port where the water is still a fabulous blue.

If it is this color here, we dare not imagine what it is like on the beaches.

Medieval and Byzantine (numerous churches), mosques, Turkish (with Turkish baths) and Jewish (with the hippocampi fountain) monuments.

A set of different cultures and styles to form a unique and colorful picture.

Let's walk through the first via Socrates immediately noticing the clock tower (you can also climb to the top but it is paid, I think 5 €) and the moschea Aga Dzamí.

Shortly after we enter the Collachium area where the Via dei Cavalieri is spectacular, starting from the New Hospital of the Knights, and then continuing with the Hotel of the language of Spain, the Palace of the French Grand Master, the Hotel of the Language of France, the Hotel of the Language of Spain and the Hotel of the Language of Provence.

The street ends in front of a large Gothic door, which joins the Palazzo del Grande Maestro (the internal courtyard is beautiful) with the now destroyed church of San Giovanni.

Wandering around the stalls I buy a centerpiece made with shells at a cost of € 3, really nice, which among other things I buy on a boat-stall docked at the port.

The port of Mandráki has on its sides two columns surmounted by bronze deer (which are the symbol of the city), the legend says that there was the mythical Colossus of Rhodes.

Near it are the three windmills.

Towards lunch we stop to eat in a tavern behind the Hippocrates square which is called "Ntinos"Where we take one moussaka (for the uninitiated, a flan made with eggplant, cheese and meat) and a pita gyros plate (dish served with pork, french fries and tzatziki sauce), two typical Greek foods.

My advice is not to eat in the most central restaurants despite the fact that they are very nice, because the food is not the best and you spend even more.

Do not be convinced by the numerous restaurateurs who almost drag you inside and try to convince you in a thousand ways ... they are sometimes unbearable, I did not go to eat with them almost on principle.

At 18,00 we return to take the bags and take the bus to Lindos, it will take an hour and a half (by car it takes a maximum of 1 hour) at a cost of € 4,60 each (not too much, even if 'is the risk of finding a bus without air conditioning ... it happened to us).

As we travel by bus, looking out the window, we marvel at the amount of goats there are! They are everywhere, all free, some even peacefully crossing the road! (during the holiday more than once we had to stop to let them pass).

At 19,30 we arrive at the village of Lindos that immediately enchants us with its white houses close together and set along the valley closed between the famous "Acropolis"And another hill.

I call the owner of our Studios "nice panorama“, Mr. George, to tell him that we have arrived, and after a while he joins us aboard his scooter.

Despite the somewhat, let's say, rough appearance, we immediately realize that it is of a kindness and a unique availability.

He even loads us a suitcase on the scooter (we feared for his life and that of our suitcase!) And tells us to follow him to the studio which is a few steps away.

The small apartment is delightful, it also enjoys a magnificent view of Lindos (as the name implies), which can be enjoyed even more thanks to the long terrace overlooking the village.

The bedroom is large and the kitchenette is well equipped, the bathroom is a bit small but very clean, there are also towels and sheets.

The only drawback, always and only the heat, in fact Lindos is ten times hotter than Rhodes, as the locals will confirm, even there are even 4 degrees of difference between the city and the country.

Luckily the air conditioning goes here, even if you need to insert the key to activate the current so when you leave the room it becomes an oven, when you return it takes ten minutes to be able to breathe .. We pay George the room, paying € 360 for the 6 days booked, and then we get ready to dine out.

Around 21,30 pm we move towards the center of the town and walk down the narrow streets to reach the main street after five minutes.

At first, finding the way is not easy, we also got lost because they all look alike.

When we get there, the difference between before and now is incredible; it is full of people and souvenir shops everywhere, restaurants all close together and places to have a drink, not to mention the bar-ice cream parlors and creperie .. in short, you are spoiled for choice.

We were told that the prices in Lindos were a bit higher than in other places, and in fact we immediately notice this when we look at the menus displayed outside the restaurants.

We choose one practically at random, as they are all more or less the same both in terms of prices and menus, and they make us sit on the roof terrace.

Here, given the limited space of the streets (sometimes you can't get around in two!), The restaurants are developed on the roof, which is very nice and advantageous for two reasons: the cooler air and the beautiful view.

What to eat in Rhodes

The chosen restaurant is called "Alex’s Restaurant”And we order a mix of typical Greek appetizers, so to taste something of the place.

They bring us a big plate of beans with Feta (very good goat cheese, a little salty and very soft), cooked tomato stuffed with meat, moussaka, salsa tzatziki (made with yogurt and garlic), and more that I do not remember .. in short, we eat enough and spend € 23 in all inclusive of half white wine and water .. not bad.

We also see, in front of us, a roof-bar where some guys are eating rather inviting slices of cake… we intend to drop by one of the next evenings.

Another walk and back to the studios to rest for the next day.

But what an effort to arrive, the climb is very steep and ten minutes are freediving.

Let's say that at the end of the holiday we have firmed up a lot.

Rhodes most beautiful and local beaches


We get up early, and by nine we go to look for a car rental in Lindos but unfortunately there are only 2 and they have no cars other than a large engine that would cost us a lot ... first advice for the holiday: book the car before leave, you risk not finding the one you want.

However we are lucky because the information point in the square of Lindos calls us a car rental in Pefki, the nearby town, which brings us a new point at 240 € for 5 days.

We were hoping to spend less, but apparently they are not cheaper.

Excited by having a car, we head towards the south a bit at random, and after a while we notice a beach that seems very beautiful, near the village of Pefki.

We go there and we find it semi-deserted (we discover that the beaches fill up from 11,00 onwards), it is mostly a free beach and is made of sand mixed with pebbles, the water is green-blue, the seabed is rocky so with bare feet it takes a little effort.

The nice thing, apart from the tranquility, is the myriad of little fishes that swim near the shore, entering and exiting the rocks.

Pretty, but we will find much better ones.

For lunch we decide to go to the Vilha beach, the signs are clearly visible on the main road towards Rhodes city, it is immediately after Lindos and can be seen directly from the road.

It is not too crowded, even though it is already 13,00 and we relax on very comfortable mattress beds by the water.

It is a pebble beach so it is a bit painful to bare feet (second advice of the holiday: buy shoes and sea goggles, they will be very useful in most of the beaches you will visit).

We have lunch on the beach bar with two pretty good Greek salads, but what we like most of all is Nescafe, as Greek coffee is called, a cold coffee with ice and milk that is like a smoothie but more thirst-quenching.

There they do it particularly well, at the end of the holiday after having tried many others, it will deserve the first place.

We spend the afternoon swimming in the clear blue and relaxing under the umbrella, being still a little white it is better not to overdo it with the sun.

I also place myself on the black rocks on the left looking at the sea, it feels great, and I enjoy going underwater there because it is full of fish.

Around 19,00 pm we go shopping in the "Flora" supermarket above Lindos where we buy pasta, tomato sauce, feta, water and white grapes (here in Rhodes it is the most popular as fruit, and the great thing is that it is seedless and it is very good!), we don't spend as little as we imagined, a good 34 € .. in the end it is more convenient to eat with a pita.

After a nice plate of pasta, we take a stroll around Lindos which, like the night before, is tremendously hot and crowded.

Let's go and get a sweet in the pastry shop we had seen the night before called "Blue Frost" which presents fabulous cakes on the counter, the most popular is the "Mississipi Mud" or "mississipi mud" so called because it is completely chocolate and covered with whipped cream ... what to say, we try it too and take the very last slice left.

Let's go and enjoy it on the roof, where there are few people and a few tables.

It's goodness, a giant fettona in two disappears within a few minutes, devoured by us two greedy ones.

We take refuge close to the Acropolis where, climbing a little, you can enjoy a fabulous view, and a regenerating breeze.


We get up early, full of loads to go to one of the beaches that they say are the most beautiful, but unfortunately my boyfriend, while maneuvering down a steep descent, hits the car in front with the front bumper.

We then call the car rental and tell us everything, and they charge us 250 euros for damage, saying that their insurance does not pay such a minor damage.

This thing seems a bit strange to us but we have no way of disputing unfortunately.

And oh well, a little depressed we still go to the famous beach and… thank goodness it's as they say: Wonderful.

Sand golden (as the name implies), blue-green water, not very large but still almost deserted given the time.

We take an umbrella and two deck chairs spending only € 8 (other than the Adriatic coast! Here all umbrellas cost so) and we enjoy the sea.

We also rent a pedal boat for an hour for € 10, going offshore to make numerous dives in the high water.

It is wonderful to jump into the intense blue, seeing despite the depth, the backdrop sandy.

The beautiful thing about the sea, here at Rhodes, is that the water is warm, and it is fabulous, in fact even I, who generally am not a lover of the sea, here I find it heavenly to be in the water and it is difficult for me not to spend most of the time there.

The hallucinating heat, then, favors this.

We have lunch in one of the beach bars, the last one from the arrival road, which is called "Bottoms Bar”, And we are happy to see the abundance of dishes at such a low price.

We order two pitas and a plate of various fruit, which is so big that we struggle to finish it.

And all for just € 10 total! We are happy, despite the early morning, and after lunch we change the beach because we want to see as much as possible during this holiday week.

We then go to the next bay which is that of Afantou.

This beach is the largest, it is almost entirely free and made with pebbles, in fact we find very few people.

We stay there for a while, not too impressed after seeing the Golden Beach, and then we go home.

Along the way, exactly above Tsmabika beach, on the left, we stop at a small bar that enjoys a splendid view of the beach.

It is a strange place, it seems that time has stopped here, there are two elderly people sleeping at a table and a boy who knows little English who brings us two watered down coffees.

Although they are bad, we are fascinated by this typically Greek bar which, unlike almost all places, certainly does not thrive on tourism.

While we are there we take a quick tour to visit the church opposite, which like most of the other ones on the island is dazzling white and recently built.

She is very pretty but she doesn't particularly impress us.

Once at home we prepare another nice plate of pasta with tomato sauce.

In the evening we take a stroll around Lindos and we stop for a drink in one of the many pubs along the main street.

It is nice, with a mini terrace overlooking the street and tables with comfortable armchairs.

There is also air conditioning which is ideal given the heat. Let's have a drink mojito and a cocktail called "About who”Which will come to me with a fiery pinwheel (like mini fireworks) .. what a scenography.

We spend € 8 each but deserved given the place and the goodness of the drinks.


We get up super early because we want to go to Antony Quinn's bay named in honor of the famous actor who came here in 1961 to shoot the movie "The guns of Navarone" and then also played the character of "Zorba the Greek" in Michael's film. Cacoyannis of 1964.

We arrive there at 10,00 following the main road towards Rhodes which forks left to the bay of Antony Queen about 3 km from Faliraki (it is not easy to find it, we got lost a couple of times and had to ask for directions) .

There aren't many people yet, even though it will get crowded in an hour.

The bay is a SHOW, it is breathtakingly beautiful, I think the most beautiful of Rhodes in my opinion.

It is small, and the few deck chairs are close to the water which is aqua green with shades of blue and blue towards the open sea or above the larger rocks.

It is made of pebbles and rocks and, going towards the farthest part from the entrance, it is possible to dive from a structure protruding into the water equipped with a wooden ladder to go up.

What dives, what splendor to break that bright green with your body, and sink for a few moments into that enveloping sea.

Unfortunately the people are really big, after a little more ships of tourists arrive that stop for half an hour in the center of the bay.

Reluctantly, therefore, around noon we leave, heading inland, a few kilometers away, to the Valley of the Butterflies o Petaloudes.

Since we arrive late and are hungry, we first take a tour of the village of Theologians we have heard good things about, and in fact it is delicious.

Small, quiet, typically Greek, with well-kept white houses and a small square with a church that deserve to be seen.

Unfortunately the only tavern (moreover recommended on the online guide) "Taverna Drosia“, It is closed for lunch and reopens only after 18,00, it will be one of the few regrets of the holiday.

We are therefore forced to go and look for a restaurant in the neighboring villages and we come across one on the road that looks beautiful to see but… to eat is bad.

Slow service and not very good food.

While we are there we take a quick stroll along the west coast, stopping at a beach bar which is of a predominantly German village. kitesurf or better, sailing surfing or paragliding.

All very impressive. The west coast, being more exposed to the wind, is in fact the favorite destination for surfers. Around 16,00 we go to visit the Valley of the butterflies, we pay the 5 € ticket to enter (excessive in my opinion), and we go up along the established path observing the multitude of butterflies attacked everywhere.

On the trunks, on the rocks, on the fences.

Many, and very few steering wheels.

In addition to butterflies, we are surprised to see many giant crabs close to the banks of the streams that flow through the woods.

We are impressed, other than valley of the butterflies, we rename it "valley of the crabs".

Third advice of the holiday: go to the valley of the butterflies in the afternoon, in the morning the buses arrive with hordes of tourists and it is already difficult to get around with some people along the way, let alone with many people.

After a little over an hour we finish hiking up and down, and we leave.

In the end it deserves to be visited, but after a while it is monotonous given the repetition of always the same landscapes and there being nothing but butterflies resting everywhere.

For dinner we stop at a restaurant in Tsambika that is called "Edem”Which is found by turning left towards the beach, a few meters later on the right.

It's nice, all outdoors in a well kept green lawn. Quiet and peaceful, they cordially serve us Greek appetizers and chicken with potatoes.

There are also two kittens that come to visit us while we eat, there are several of them on this island. We eat well, and around midnight we are already in bed.


St. Paul's Bay isn't well known, but it's gorgeous.

It is located shortly after Lindos, towards the south, it is very small and with only two beaches with few sunbeds.

I recommend going there very early because it is wonderful to enjoy the silence and peace of this little paradise.

It is made of sand and pebbles, with some rocks towards the inside, and the most enchanting thing is its transparency, such as to be able to clearly see every detail of the seabed and so also the fish that are numerous and flocks swim around you, large and small, colorful and gray whites.

There is something for everyone.

Really deserves it.

At around 11,00, however, we have to start because we want to reach Prason, or the southern tip of the island where the two seas meet: Aegean e Ionian.

Getting there from Lindos it's a bit long, it takes us about 40 minutes but… the show that opens up before our eyes is worth the whole trip.

It is a wonder of nature, a fantastic image to which is added the spectacularity of the numerous surfers who are there: myriads of colored dots that ride the waves of both seas.

The closer we get by car, the more we notice the vastness of this sandy beach full of people and very windy.

We park near the only two restaurants (it is also possible to arrive by car by the sea but I do not recommend it if you do not have a jeep because it is easy to get stuck in the sand) and then we set out on foot to the point where the beach tongue it is thinner and the two seas almost meet (in some periods of the year it happens, and the southernmost part becomes an islet).

I lie down on the sand by the sea, letting the crystal clear water bathe me, on the side where the current is more placid.

Given the wind it is the perfect place to get a lot of sun without suffering the heat ... beware of sunburn! We stay two good hours to enjoy the spectacle of the seas and surfers, my boyfriend also goes to the top of the hill to the south where he photographs numerous small mounds of stones whose origin and purpose are not well understood.

We have lunch in the restaurant on the right, since the one on the left that we liked best was full, where they take us to pane-pita better than the holiday.

Luckily we came here! Nice soft and not dry as they had given us up to now.

We eat great souvlaki, or skewer of pork or chicken, and then we go.

Since we are close to the west coast we get the idea of ​​visiting a part of it, so we turn towards Monolithos.

After half an hour we almost reach the top of the hill where the famous one is Monolithos Monastery which, however, we do not want to visit and therefore we limit ourselves to observing from the outside.

It is perched on the mountain Akramitis.

We continue towards the Ag.Georgios bay which they say is very beautiful.

But the road is really rough, the roads are steep and downhill, without the shadow of a guardrail, all overlooking the sea.

I must say that I was a bit scared, but the spectacle was magnificent, a blue sea whose borders could not be seen.

Finally we arrive in a small bay below but it is nothing special, pebble sand and very rough sea push us to go back to the north.

We stop for half an hour in the bar near the monastery to have a drink, and suddenly a medium-sized green parrot emerges near our feet and, peaceful and serene, walks among the chairs pecking on the ground. I nickname him “Alejandro” as Lady Gaga's hit this summer.

He's too nice, and besides, I love parrots, I have a lovebird at home.

After saying goodbye to our friend we leave and after about an hour we arrive again on the east coast, and we decide to stop in Gennadi, in one of the numerous sandy and quite crowded beaches, ideal for families with children.

We relax a bit by lying on the ground on the free beach, a quick swim, and then back in the car towards home.

In the evening we eat sandwiches at home to finish our supplies, then we get ready for our first "crazy" evening, destination ...faliraki.

Faliraki is a town in the north near Rhodes where we were told there is the wildest nightlife, it is full of clubs between pubs and disco, and is mainly frequented by English and Germans.

From Lindos it takes 40 minutes to get there, and at night the road is not that great given the numerous works in progress.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of parking spaces and we put the car a few steps from the main street.

As soon as we set foot in the street we already hear the loud noises coming from EVERY one of the clubs, which means deafening music in one ear and deafening music in the other.

It is impossible to decide which one to enter, there is a mess everywhere… so let's choose the nicest one which is done in log cabin style, with two floors.

We go to the second floor which is more for couples and have a drink, a mojito it's a "sex on the beach”Quite good and only € 5 each.

The music is current commercial, nice, I like it unlike the house which is the most popular in Spain.

After a while we re-enter the street and, captured by the liveliness of the people and the beautiful music, we enter a mini-disco.

There are a lot of people and you don't have to get a drink, in fact we just dance.

There is also air conditioning which is a gem given the heat that is always and in any case.

We dance and after a while we go out, taking another quick spin before returning to the car.

There are also several souvenir bazaars and pubs with karaoke, and 80's music.

It's not bad if you want to have fun without spending a lot. At one o'clock we are already home. Ah… at midnight we celebrated my birthday in Faliraki.


In the morning we celebrate the day of my birth by going to one of the most beautiful beaches according to many.

Tsambika Beach is a fairly wide beach in the Archagelos bay, just after the Golden Beach, made of fine sand and clear blue sea.

It is a show but it gets very crowded, as it is also well served with bars and umbrellas with deck chairs.

We see a more secluded place at the bottom, towards the rock face on the right, and we head there.

At which I begin to see someone taking a bath naked ... a sign shortly after confirms that it is a place for nudists.

But it is the most beautiful of the beach and we don't care, we stay there discovering small crevices among the rocks where myriads of fish swim in schools.

The water is almost hot, and given the place there are very few people .. it's perfect! We are there enjoying the sea and the sun, taking many photos, and swimming undisturbed.

After a few hours, however, we begin to feel hungry and go to eat in the first bar along the beach.

Let's take two pitas, good, so good that ... a kitten comes to ask for a taste.

Not at all intimidated he comes into our arms and rubs himself, he is very tender and wins a few pieces of meat.

I would like to take it home! Unfortunately, however, we have to leave him and this beach, which I think has become one of my favorites.

And after lunch we go towards Kalithea.

It's a bay to the north, right after that Faliraki and attacked there are the famous "Terme di KalitheaWhich however are no longer in use, you can only see the structure and sunbathe in the small bay all at a cost of € 3.

We decide not to spend money and go to the bay next door, just as beautiful and not too crowded even though it is already 16,00.

There are a lot of rocks here so shoes would be ideal.

We trudge a little to the left, where there is no one, and we find a concave rock that forms a small natural pool. I place myself in there, not caring about the soft seaweeds and small shrimps as well as sea snails that run near me.

I don't see crabs, and that's enough for me not to move.

I almost get a shock when I notice under a giant rock overlooking the sea, an elderly man who is lying down and watching us from above.

He greets us and tells us his story: he is a Greek married to an Italian from Calabria.

He tells us to be careful that we slip there, and he doesn't have time to warn us that my boyfriend lands with his butt on a rock.

Nothing serious, just a few laughs. Tired of going on an adventure we lie down under a straw umbrella (which we will not pay because the lifeguard does not come to collect), and we read for a while enjoying the peace of the late afternoon.

Around dinner time we go back to where we will have dinner outside to conclude my birthday celebrations.

We return the car first, having finished the rental days.

My boyfriend says he saw a place under the Acropolis with a rooftop pool.

To get there we have to do a lot of steps and a long uphill road, we are sweaty but it will be worth it.

We arrive late in the restaurant called "Caesar's”, It is already 23,00 pm but we are not the only ones having dinner at this time.

They place us at a table right next to the pool, the scenery is enchanting, I would say perfect.

They bring us the menu and reading it it is immediately clear that we have chosen a refined place, also given the prices we understand that we have to choose little and well.

We therefore order four appetizers by mutual agreement: basil meatballs with sage pesto sauce, mushrooms stuffed with meat and aubergines, cheese and potato croquettes, clay croutons made with tomato and feta melted on top.

Everything is of infinite goodness, we are delighted by the mix of refined and delicate flavors.

If we spent less we would come and eat here every evening, there are many dishes that will certainly be delicious.

The waiters are young and nice, and towards the end of the evening someone is also a little tipsy… they put on the music by connecting to the speakers on youtube.

Music that creates an intimate and relaxed atmosphere including REM.

It is an unforgettable evening.

The latest and unforgettable.


In the morning we pack up and then we go to enjoy the last sea in the nearby bay: that of San Paolo.

This time we go to the other shore, where the beach is slightly wider.

Unfortunately, after a while it fills up, you have to go really very early because there will be about twenty umbrellas (very beautiful, white with very soft mattresses) and you risk not finding any free ones.

My boyfriend does some quick dives, here is the place with the most fish and he says he also saw some kind of octopus.

For lunch we eat a nice savory crepe in one of the four creperie of Lindos, the first coming from the bay.

It 's very good, I take it with mushrooms, ham and cheese, my boyfriend with feta, tomato and bacon ... delicious.

The right charge to allow us to face the climb towards theAcropolis of Lindos.

You can also use donkeys (very numerous in the country) but they make us too much trouble to take advantage of them.

And anyway they would only take us up to a certain point.

So we set off, the climb is quite steep and slippery with slippers.

After a quarter of an hour we arrive at the entrance of the walls where, to continue, you have to pay € 6.

Now we are there and then we enter.

The view is spectacular, you can clearly see the Lindos Bay and the open sea where some boats sail lightly.

We continue to climb a myriad of steps, there is a lot of wind but unfortunately hot so it's like having a hair dryer pointed in your face.

With difficulty we reach the summit where there are the ruins of the Acropolis.

It is suggestive and from there you can also see the bay of San Paolo, it looks like a blue-green swimming pool, designed.

We stay there for a while and then we go back down slowly.

We stop for a snack in another creperie where we take one in two, sweet, this time. Nutella, white chocolate and strawberries. Tasty and well deserved! At 17,00 after taking the bags, we take the bus to Rhodes.

Unfortunately we catch the one without air conditioning, and the driver also wanted us to keep the windows closed.

It was torture, more than a sauna! Luckily we arrive after an hour and in Rhodes a nice cool breeze blows.

It is now dinner time and we decide to end the day with a sweet tooth with two pitas, letting ourselves be convinced by a throw in a restaurant on the avenue of the port.

We eat well, but a little heavy. Tired of the buses, despite being there for the airport every quarter of an hour, we take a taxi.

A very nice driver loads us and tells us that on August 15 (the next day) there is a party that for them is like Easter and consists of several stalls along a street just outside Rhodes. There are stands of various foodstuffs, but for the most part of artifacts and handmade objects.

Too bad we can't visit it. At 19,00 we arrive at the airport, always paying the € 22 fare, and we wait for the plane which will be an hour and a half late ... and oh well, we didn't really want to leave this beautiful island that will remain in our hearts. .

End-of-trip thoughts and emotions:

Rhodes deserves to be seen, in all its particularity and variety.

The sea is enjoyable, beautiful, clean, warm.

The beaches are not too crowded and are so numerous that it is possible to find some where you are alone.

The city is a bit dirty and very noisy given the many tourists, but from a historical point of view it is interesting because of the many cultures that have left their mark on it.

Nightlife in the city ea Faliraki in particular it is lively, so if you want to have a fun holiday it is very suitable, and also at a low price.

The locals are friendly and almost all speak some Italian and practically all English.

The landscapes are for the most part barren given the heat and the scarce rains, only towards the interior of the island there are wooded areas.

Traffic is moderate, apart from Rhodes it is very convenient to get around by car or by any other means.

Best of: The most beautiful and characteristic villages we have visited are Lindos e Theologians.

The most beautiful beach is there Golden Beach, the most beautiful bay that of Antony Queen.

The best and cheapest food is pita.

Tips: Buy rock shoes, given the many rocky beaches.

Stay in Kolymbia, it is an excellent starting point for both the beaches by day and nightlife at night (Lindos is too hot, and too low, I do not recommend it for accommodation).

Rent a car, preferably before leaving, through the website.

We didn't find a small one and we had to settle for a bigger and more expensive one.

To conclude .... Have a good holiday!

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