Porta Montanara in Rimini, a bit of history

    Porta Montanara in Rimini, a bit of history

    Rimini it is a city full of history that unfortunately not everyone knows. Although well known for its discos and its sea, Rimini is almost never "taken into consideration" from the point of view historical and cultural by tourists. Unfortunately wrong.

    Rimini is in fact a Roman city, founded by the Romans, the historical one Ariminun which reached Rome thanks to the Via Flaminia. In addition to the Tiberius Bridge and the Arch of Augustus that everyone knows, at least almost all of them, in Rimini the Montanara Gate.

    The construction of the Montanara Gate, also known as Sant'Andrea, dates back to the XNUMXst century BC and was one of the defensive gates of the city attributed to Silla. The gate would be part of the constructions that, in the first decades of the century, followed the reprisals against the city, already a supporter of Mario, his opponent in the social war.

    The round arch in blocks of sandstone was one of the two openings of the door that allowed access to the city for those coming from the hills along the via Arretina, along the Marecchia valley. The double archway facilitated traffic by channeling, in parallel passages, the path out of Ariminum, through the maximum hinge, and the incoming one.

    Archaeological investigations have established the existence of a large court of guards with one internal counter door, confirming the complexity of the defensive system.

    Already in the first centuries after Christ, the north-facing arch was plugged, the door thus resized to a single arch continued to mark the entrance to the city up to the Second World War. At the end of the conflict, in the frenzied reconstruction phase, the monument was destroyed in the part that had remained in sight for many centuries, while the part hidden in the walls of the adjacent houses was recovered. The Arch was reassembled near the original sediment signaled by a variation of the road pavement.

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