Paestum Useful information

Paestum Useful information

What to visit in Paestum advice and information

Paestum is an ancient city of Magna Grecia, whose remains form one of the main archaeological parks in Europe, recognized in 1988 as a heritage of humanity and ofUNESCO.

Temples of Paestum

Particularly important are the three great temples, two of the Doric order, and one of the Doric and Ionic order, which constitute some of the best examples of these styles.

Il Temple of Hera: called the "Basilica”(Ca. 540 BC), was one of the largest Greek temples built in stone.

The oldest of the three, bears the signs of its archaicity in some structural peculiarities, for example in the peristasi enneastila (of 9 columns) on the short sides.

Paestum Useful information

Il Temple of Athena (ca. 500 BC): formerly known as the temple of Cerere, it is smaller, but more balanced in shape.

Il Temple of Poseidon: but in reality also this one dedicated to Ivy, shows the mature forms of the Olympia Zeus temple.

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theHeraion at the mouth of the Sele, an ancient extramural sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera.

Necropolis of Paestum

A Paestum there is also, about 1 kilometer away, a necropolis extended on about 2000 m², with about thirty named tombs Necropolis of Gaudo, attributed to the defined cultural facies Gaudo culture.

The necropolis was discovered by chance by the US Army, during the Avalanche operation, in the works for the construction of an airstrip.

The preservation of the site and its reporting to the competent authorities is due to the cultural sensitivity of the US military commands.

Paestum Useful information

Monuments of Paestum

A little must also be mentioned Roman amphitheater, a meeting place for citizens, the election, and others public buildings from the Roman era.

Also the city walls (4,75 km) are well preserved and the Lucanian and Roman construction phases can be recognized.

The four large city gates are Roman.

Paestum Museums

The museum displays an important collection of ancients Greek objects from southern Spain.

Pieces derived from the findings of the surroundings of Paestum are exhibited, first of all the funeral objects from the Greek and Lucanian necropolis.

Paestum Useful information

Among these many vases, weapons and paintings. The most important are the paintings from the famous Tomb of the diver (480-470 BC), unique examples of Greek painting of the classical age and of Magna Graecia, which interpret the transition from life to the kingdom of the dead, as a leap of the diver into the water.

The cycle of frescoed tombs belonging to the Lucanian period of the city is also noteworthy.

The museum also hosts the exhibition of the metopal cycles from theHeraion del Sele.

How to get to Paestum suggestions

FROM NORTH: take the A3 to the Battipaglia exit. Continue for about 20 km on the SS18 towards Paestum.

YES THE COURT: take the A3 Reggio Calabria-Salerno until the Eboli exit and continue towards Paestum for about 16 Km.


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From Salerno railway station, take the direct or inter-regional train to Sapri or Paola, get off at Capaccio and continue by bus to Paestum.


FROM NAPLES TO PAESTUM: from Naples, the SITA bus (ex atacs) Naples - Pompeii - Salerno Line leaves from Piazza Municipio every weekday, except Saturday, arrives in Salerno. For Paestum continue with urban bus n. 8 towards Battipaglia; the stop is located in piazza Matteo Luciani 33 (for further info phone 089.487111).

Paestum Useful information

BUS FROM AGROPOLI TO PAESTUM: experimental system for the urban connection of the Capaccio - Paestum line: departure from Agropoli (P.zza Merola) every weekday, from 7.00 to 20.00.


THENaples-Capodichino airport it is about 90 Km from Paestum; it is regularly connected to Naples by regular bus service with terminus in Piazza Municipio.

You can land safely at theSalerno's Amalfi Coast Airport then take the bus direction Paestum.

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Paestum Useful information

Paestum Useful information

Paestum Useful information

Paestum Useful information

Paestum Useful information

Paestum Useful information

Paestum Useful information

Paestum Useful information

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