Naples Pizza Village in September

    A unique event in Naples, we are at the Pizza Village. About 140 open-air pizzerias on the Naples seafront to let even the most curious ones taste the real Neapolitan pizza. The event is free to enter.

    Until 7 September 2014 Naples is tinged with red, white and green, which are not the colors of the Italian flag listed in bulk! Red is the tomato, white the mozzarella and green the basil. Doesn't that tell you anything? I already smell the scent of pizza. And yes, because you know what happens on the Caracciolo seafront in these days? It is held there fourth edition of Naples Pizza Village, the event that puts the queen of the most popular culinary products in the world.

    Naples Pizza Village in September
    The waterfront is transformed for the occasion into an immense one open-air pizzeria which will open at 18 to close at 24. Admission, absolutely free, also allows participation in the shows that every evening at 21 will alternate to cheer and enliven the evenings.

    Numerous surprises have been announced, what is known for sure is that on 05 September at 22:30 pm the Demo Mura di Zelig stage will go up, on 6 September at the same time there will be Sergio Friscia di Mezzogiorno in Famiglia and on 7 September it will close in beauty with Frank Matano delle Iene. Everything will be skillfully orchestrated by the artistic staff of Radio KissKiss who will also involve the public in a sort of Race complete with a maxi final prize to the winner.

    Naples Pizza Village in September

    When it comes to catering, don't be afraid of affordable and competitive prices. Water, coffee and juices will cost 1 euro. Drinks and ice cream 2 euros. Complete menu including pizza, drink, dessert and coffee will cost 12 euros and it will be possible to take a seat at one of the many tables set up on the sea for the occasion. But do not delay, the seats are only 4700! Between 45 pizzerias present, there is no shortage of super noble such as Sorbillo, From Gennaro, From the President, Trianon, Rossopomodoro and many others.

    Every evening, by booking on the site it will be possible to take pizza lessons by great pizza masters. There will be two lessons a day, one at 19 pm and one at 21 pm. In particular, on Friday 5 September at 19 pm there will be no less than Enzo Coccia, the one who led La Notizia to contend for the scepter at most. famous Gino Sorbillo. At 21 pm the teacher will be Enzo Piccirillo de La Masardona who has been delighting Naples for decades with his irresistible fried pizzas. Saturday 6 September to do the honors of the house will be Teresa Iori of "The daughters of Iorio", the only female representative of the parterre.

    Naples Pizza Village in September

    Following John the Great, another Neapolitan historical face. The finale on Sunday 7 September is reserved for Salvatore Cuomo and Pasquale Makishima: the one Ambassador of the Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli Association In Asia, the other Japanese by birth but so Neapolitan that he won the coveted Caputo Trophy in 2010. The offer to participate in the lessons is free, with a minimum starting base 10 €, and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

    Furthermore, if you arrive in Naples by train, by showing the Frecciarossa or Intercity train ticket or your own Carta Freccia, you will get a discount on the pizza menu equal to 2 euros.
    Many delicious opportunities await you, are you still sitting there thinking about whether to take advantage or not?

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