Napizz: where to eat Neapolitan pizza in Rimini

    Napizz: where to eat Neapolitan pizza in Rimini

    Napizz it's not the only pizzeria in Rimini where to eat the real Neapolitan pizza but it is definitely the Neapolitan restaurant that I prefer the most. Going to eat a simple pizza has now become expensive as, especially in Rimini, a pizza can cost up to 10 euros. At Napizz, on the other hand, you can still eat a pizza at the right price.

    This venue is one Neapolitan pizzeria and fryer opened by owners, doc Neapolitans, near the historic center of Rimini in via Flaminia 175 / I next to the Court of Rimini.

    The pizzeria inside is not very large but has enough tables and chairs to accommodate at least 50 people. The restaurant is modern in style with nice depictions of Naples and is a simple and welcoming place. It is definitely not a place where you go for a special occasion but it is a place where you can go to taste some specialties of Neapolitan cuisine including pizza.

    Their cuisine is characterized by the preparation of Neapolitan dishes revisited, using fresh and typical ingredients from Romagna but also typical Campania, such as mozzarella that is delivered three times a week directly from Naples. The pizza margherita, for example, is prepared with a sauce of san marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil and grana padano at the price of 5,30 euros. There pizza it is very good and the price, given the Rimini average, is excellent.

    I've been to Napizz several times, both for dinner and for lunch where I had the opportunity to try some first courses including the eggplant parmigiana. The restaurant is in fact open for both lunch and dinner, offering a different home-made first course every day at the price of 6,50 euros. Definitely one of Napizz's specialties fry where you can taste the fantastic potato croquettes, arancini and many other delicacies at a low price.

    As for the pizzeria, you will find the classics such as margherita and marinara pizza and the more particular and stuffed ones such as tropea, napizza and crocchettona. You also have the opportunity to have your own personalized pizza prepared by choosing from the ingredients made available for the day.

    Napizz carries out table service, take-away and even home delivery. The last time I was there I got a pizza marghertia, a drink and some snacks from the fryer for only 12,50 euros.

    I would define Napizz as a perfect Neapolitan and Romagna union.

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