Arizona Snowbowl, for skiing near the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

Arizona Snowbowl is an alpine ski resort in the southwestern United States, in the state of Arizona. The ski resort develops on the slopes of the San Francisco Peaks, the tallest mountains in the entire state of Arizona.

The resort is located 13 miles (about 20km) north of the pretty and touristy town of Flagstaff, starting point for daily visits to the national park of Grand Canyon or of Monument Valley.

The ski resort was opened in 1938 and was one of the first places in the USA to practice winter sports. The base of the lifts and where all the entertainment activities are located is at 2.800 meters above sea level, while the highest point served by the ski lifts is at 3.500 meters.

THEprogrammed snow making allows the early opening of the season, even before the start of winter. During the winter the locality receives on average abundant snowfall, about 660 cm of fresh snow, which allow you to ski until late spring.


Arizona Snowbowl offre 55 slopes of varying difficulty, distributed as follows: 22% for beginners, 44% for intermediate skiers, 22% for expert skiers, and 13% for professional skiers. The longest runway reaches a length of 2 miles, approximately 3.200 meters.


In total the ski resort offers 8 ski lifts, six overhead chairlifts and two conveyor belts, including Arizona's first and only 6-seater high-speed chairlift.

Skipass cost

They are shown in the table the prices of the ski pass in low season. During the high season such as Christmas and New Year the cost is about 10 dollars more. Prices may vary. Check all the information on the official website.

AGE All day
(09:00 - 16:00)
Half day
(12:00 - 16:00)
Adults (age 18-64) $ 79 $ 59
Youth (13 to 17 years) $ 66 $ 49
Child (8 to 12 years) $ 44 $ 37
Senior (65 to 69 years) $ 47 $ 39
Children (under 7 years old) FREE FREE
Senior (70 years and up) FREE FREE

Equipment rental

All day
10:00 - 16:00
Half day
Adult and kids (from 13 years upwards) $ 39 $ 30
Kids (up to 12 years) $ 29 $ 25
Helmet  $ 10 $ 10
Skis and boots $ 30 $ 30
Boots only $ 10 $ 10
Snowboard boots only  $ 30 $ 30



To sleep you can choose one of the many hotels in the tourist resort of Flagstaff, or a lodge near the slopes and ski lifts.

The first solution (sleeping in Flagstaff) allows without changing hotels, in each day to visit a different place: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley or Arizona Snowbowl.

Check availability and book a hotel in Flagstaff


While the second is for those who want to stay close to the slopes, enjoy nature and the magical alpine landscape of the US mountains. The three structures that also offer restaurant service are the following:

Ski Lift Lodge

Hart Prairie Lodge

Agassiz Lodge & Restaurant

How to reach us

Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort is an easy drive from Flagstaff. The distance is 20 km, about 25 minutes if there is no snowfall in progress or there is no ice on the roads.

Arizona Snowbowl, for skiing near the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley
Arizona Snowbowl near the Grand Canyon -
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