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Advice and guide on which are and where are the most beautiful beaches in Monopoli.

  • Monopoli most beautiful beaches
  • Porto Ghiacciolo
  • Porto Rosso Monopoli
  • Monopoly Chapter
  • Cala Paradiso Monopoli
  • Copacabana Monopoli
  • Cala Verde Monopoli
  • Porto Bianco Monopoli
  • Porto Nero Monopoli
  • Cala Cozze Monopoli
  • Porto Verde Monopoli
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Monopoli most beautiful beaches

The stretch of coast of Monopoli it is one of a kind, full of ravines, of cliffs overlooking the sea and of secret beaches some of which must be literally tracked down.

This beautiful coastline is dotted with 19 coves with a suggestive and captivating charm that allow access to a sea dreamy ranging from green to blue.

Let's find out together what the most beautiful beaches of Monopoli from north to south:

Porto Ghiacciolo

La Porto Ghiacciolo beach takes its name from the water temperature which is very low and is located at the foot of theabbey of Santo Stefano.

Lidi Monopoli

It's composed by soft and fine sand and the sea is clear, crystalline and green in color.

Porto Rosso Monopoli

La Porto Rosso beach it is perhaps the busiest in Monopoli and is located at the end of the town.

This beach is very large, the sand it is soft and thin and is suitable for families with small children as the seabed is shallow.

Monopoly Chapter

Le beaches of the Chapter they are, in fact, two very small ones creeks placed inside a limestone rock typical of the city ​​of Monopoli.

They are almost always crowded so we advise you to go early to get a seat.

Cala Paradiso Monopoli

La Cala Paradiso beach is located in the southern part of Monopoli and is made up of very few sections of free beach while the rest is managed by bathing facilities.

This beautiful creek is composed of sand thin, i backdrops they are sandy and transparent and is suitable for families with small children.

Copacabana Monopoli

La Copacabana beach is very beautiful and is suitable for families with small children as its waters are shallow.

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This beautiful creek composed of sand is divided in two by one rock and is the ideal place for windy days.

Cala Verde Monopoli

La Cala Verde beach is one of the most hidden and secret of Monopoli.

It is located before the Chapter and is composed of sand very thin while i backdrops they are rocky.

Porto Bianco Monopoli

La Porto Bianco beach it is mainly frequented by families with small children as it is very comfortable.

It is very small, it is made up of soft and fine sand and backdrops they are clear, crystalline and shallow.

Porto Nero Monopoli

La Porto Nero beach is one of the most suggestive of Monopoli as it seems to be in front of a real one Swimmingpool.

This very small tongue of sand it is surrounded by rocks and the seabed is transparent, sandy but above all low.

Cala Cozze Monopoli

La Cala Cozze beach, also called the imaginary beach, was created in 2013.

This tiny one cove it is bathed by water that is nothing short of fantastic, the seabed is transparent and sandy and on the right side there is a very small cave limestone.

Porto Verde Monopoli

La Porto Verde beach is one of the most beautiful of Monopoli and it is hidden by two large rocky walls edged with a thick one vegetation.


It's composed by sand almost golden and very thin, the sea it is a sight and the waters are quite cold.

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Monopoli beaches pictures and photos

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