Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara
Medina Azahara

The magnificent and enigmatic palace-city built by Abd-al Rahaman III at the foot of the Sierra Morena, 8 kilometers from Cordoba, is the Medina Azahara. The building, built in 936 in honor of the caliph's favorite concubine and to be the pride of the kingdom, is shrouded in legends and myths that tell how almond and cherry trees were planted all around to fill the caliph's nostalgia for the snow-capped mountains of Syria.

Destined to become the new capital of the caliphate, the city was built on a hill with 3 terraces and was protected by a wall inside which stood, at the highest point, the Royal Castle. The plan of the Medina is almost rectangular and is divided into 3 parts: marble with red and purple veins, gold and precious stones adorned this legendary place today in ruins and only partially brought to light.

This wonderful city had indeed short life: destroyed by Berber soldiers between 1010 and 1013, only 70 years after its construction, this 112-hectare site is only a quarter excavated, while still remaining one of the places to visit during your stay in Cordoba.

To get to Medina Azahara exit Cordoba heading West on the A431. It is recommended to arrive before 11 to avoid the busloads of tourists.

Guided tours to Media Azahara from Cordoba

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