Barcelona on budget: travel to the Catalan heart of Spain

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Barcelona is a city on the move that will let you discover new aspects with each visit. Read the post to organize your low cost trip to the Catalan capital.

Here is the activity par excellence for us international travelers: thinking about the next trip. We leave because we have not yet arrived. (cit.)
The goal I have chosen is Barcelona: cosmopolitan capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia.

Low cost travel to Barcelona

Among all the companies with which I have found myself, I highly recommend easyJet which allows you to take advantage - for each upcoming season - of relevant discounts calculated on the fare of each passenger.

The stay was booked near the Catalan center: the chain that will host us is called BB Barcelona Apartments; by booking from the site, and not through or trivago, you can take advantage of a 10% discount.

The apartment "Sagrada Familia”Flat is located a few meters away from the famous monumental masterpiece of Gaudí.

It has all the privileges of a three-star hotel and a maximum capacity of 8 people: it is ideal if you are traveling with a group of friends or with your family.

Spain, which in the last year has suffered more than ever from the pressure of independence from the Catalan heart and the climate of fear dictated by terrorism, now seems to have mitigated the hard blows suffered with the right measures.

Returning to our suitcases, I always recommend hand luggage; if your departure is scheduled for autumn period arm yourself with windbreakers and comfortable trousers for long excursions; if instead you will leave in spring period, before the change of winter season, think about light garments to wear in Barcelona: it is very hot between March and April and the ideal would be to immediately file sweaters and cardigans.

What to visit

For the visit of the city, as also suggests the Lonely Planet, there is certainly the visit of the Ramblas and the seafront of Barceloneta; if you love art and in particular the master architect of the last century, you are in the place par excellence: Casa Batló it is certainly the most representative place of Gaudí after the Sagrada Familia and the price for access should confirm what has been said: more than twenty euros to enter; more than the easyJet ticket to reach Spain or more than the Eiffel Tower.

The journey does not end there: shopping in Spain was easier than expected; in all supermarkets the shop assistants understand Italian, although it is preferable to speak Spanish.

The restaurants are accessible especially if you choose the tourist menu which varies from 12 to 20 euros.

Do not choose the Italian ones: even here they are the most expensive ever.

If this is the first time you visit Barcelona, ​​I recommend to the more sporty to visit the museum dedicated to the most famous football team in the world: the Barcelona Fc.

It is located in the right side square of the cathedral of the Catalan genius.

Messi and the golden ball aside, it is a slice of history not to be missed that intertwines with the historical, political and social events of the city.

Barcelona always reserves a hundred thousand surprises: one of which is undoubtedly the highest presence in Europe of Erasmus university students after Amsterdam and Paris; if you are a university student and like me you also believe in international language exchanges, visit some local libraries every now and then! As always, seeing is believing.

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