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Lake Bracciano information

Il Lake Bracciano o Sabatino lake is located in the northern part of Rome,it's a volcanic lake and it is one of the least polluted in Spain (it constitutes a drinking water reserve).

With its area of ​​about 56,5 sq km it is the eighth lake Italian largest by extension and has a maximum depth of 160 meters.

On the banks of the Lake Bracciano three are born villages such beautiful Bracciano, Anguillara e Trevignano Romano.

Here what to see on Lake Bracciano:

Orsini Odescalchi Castle

Il Orsini Odescalchi Castle, commonly called Bracciano Castle, was built in the 5th century and has a pentagonal shape made up of XNUMX towers each of which is placed at the external vertex of the fortress.

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This beautiful fortress was opened to the public as far back as 1592 from Livio IV Odescalchi and, currently, it is used to celebrate weddings, parties ed cultural events.

Historical Museum of the Air Force

Il Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force it is found at Bracciano precisely to Vigna Antoniniana a very small hamlet where the first was built in 1908 Italian military airship and where it was built oldest Italian airport infrastructure (Bracciano-Vigna di Valle airport).

within the aeronautical museum, inaugurated in 1977, you can admire the memorabilia who have made the history ofSpanish Air Force.

Bracciano Martignano Natural Park

Il Regional Natural Park of Bracciano Martignano, inaugurated in 1999, is considered the park of volcanoes that no longer exist.

It is the ideal place to spend moments of relaxation with family or friends admiring a huge number of waterfowl very rare like the Turkish fistione, brunette tobacco, and many other species.

More things to visit on Lake Bracciano I'm:

  • Bastion of the Sentinel: it is the ideal place to enjoy the most beautiful views of the lake.
  • civic Museum: it houses artifacts that testify to the history of Bracciano.

  • Bracciano Cathedral: it houses an ancient painting depicting the patron saint of Bracciano.
  • Church of the Visitation: has a history of over 450 years despite being very small.
  • Church of Santa Maria del Riposo: also called the church on the lake as it boasts one of the most beautiful views of the lake.

Lake Bracciano map and guide

To have all the information on Lake Bracciano consultation:

  • Lake Bracciano map and guide

Bracciano lake images

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