La Briocheria: bar and pastry shop in Rimini

La Briocheria: bar and pastry shop in Rimini

The Briocheria is one of the best bars and pastry shops where to have breakfast or a snack in Rimini.
It is located in via XX Settembre, in the heart of the Village of San Giovanni, in the center and near the Arch of Augustus, one of the symbolic monuments of the city of Rimini.

Having breakfast at La Briocheria is now a must for me. Every Saturday morning (market day in the center of Rimini), as a good Riminese I have breakfast at the bar and what better place than La Briocheria?

Open since 2009 it has become a reference point in Rimini for those who want to have breakfast outside the home and especially in the center. The name "La Briocheria" already gives the idea of ​​being a very greedy environment but when you arrive outside the restaurant and admire the two large windows with the sweets on display you have the feeling of being in a world apart, magical in the true sense of the word, and inside it is even more so!

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La Briocheria is a very nice place, even if a little tight and on some occasions a little too crowded, but having breakfast or a snack here is really worth it. The walls are all painted with pink and white colors and the furniture, in white wood and in the Provencal style, make it even more graceful, so much so that it is perfect. I admit it, I love it!

On the counter and on the sideboards are also exposed: sugar paste cakes multi-storey, cupcakes, brioches, biscuits, muffins, pastries, sugared almonds, ice cream cakes, macarons, pralines and many other specialties. During the summer at La Briocheria you can also eat the homemade ice cream, from the most delicate fruit flavors to the most traditional creams such as pistachio from bronte.
From a well-filled brioche, to a nice shortcrust pastry biscuit and from a Sicilian cannoli to a Sacher Torte from La Briocheria, you can find almost anything you want, and of various sizes!

The cafeteria service as the coffee and cappuccinos are very good and have a great price. The Cappuccino costs 1,00 euro (a price almost impossible to find in Rimini) and the croissants 0,90 cents each. The pastries, on the other hand, vary in price, depending on the type and filling, while the cupcakes are € 3,00 each and the macarons € 1,30 each. Unfortunately, the cakes are the only thing I haven't had the chance to taste yet, but I'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

The owners and staff are professional and also very nice. In addition to table and counter service, La Briocheria carries out the take away service. From cupcakes to cakes, you can choose to have everything you want to pack and take home. Their packages are also perfect as gift ideas.
In addition to a dozen indoor tables, the restaurant has some outdoor tables, especially in summer. Inside, you can also connect to the free wi-fi, requesting the password from the staff.

La Briocheria is an ideal place to have breakfast and a snack in Rimini and many Riminesi also recommend it for aperitifs.

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