Il Castello ice cream parlor in Rimini

    I have to tell the truth, in my opinion there Il Castello ice cream parlor is one of the best of Rimini. Some don't like it because they say there are few tastes. In fact, the flavors are all made with seasonal raw materials and therefore you will understand that all year round there will be no strawberry to say.

    Among the best tastes I've tried there is la ricotta and figs, sublime. Also other very interesting are mascarpone and strawberries or chocolate cake or Catalan cream for example. In short, you will not be disappointed in my opinion.

    The only weak point is the price. Cones don't cost that much but the difference can be seen in the trays. While at Puro e bio a half kilo tub is € 7 here is € 9, a good 2 € difference it's not cheap. It must be said, however, that his location is perfect, is in fact located in the roundabout that precedes the Malatesta Castle and therefore the historic center of the city of Rimini. Great location to spot the ice cream shop while parking your car or taking a walk.

    Beware, if you decide to get ice cream here arm yourself with patience because the line is always very long. It generally closes with the arrival of autumn until February.

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