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Fuerteventura advice on how to get around, where to shop, map, when to go, weather and temperatures.

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Fuerteventura how to move

Il best means of transport to get around Fuerteventura it is definitely the car as the roads on the island are good and the signage is very clear.

Once you get to theFuerteventura airport you will find many rent-a-car companies both national and international and remember that you must have at least 21 years to 2 years of driving license.

Un advice we give you is to rent aauto 4 × 4 if you intend to go around the island because there are quite wild areas then it is a matter of comfort.

Others means of transport very efficientFuerteventura island are the bus that, thanks to the local company Tiadhe, they offer regular and cheap rides and from the airport you can take the line through Puerto del Rosario or through Cala de Fuste to then reach any destination.

As regards the taxi each municipality on the island has its own company and our advice is to always set the fare first.

Fuerteventura holidays

Fuerteventura Map

Fuerteventura climate and temperature

Il climate of Fuerteventura it is mild and almost desert, in short, the winters are very pleasant and the summers are hot and sunny.

Le weather in Fuerteventura during the winter months the minimums oscillate between 15 ° / 18 ° and the maximum 21 ° / 26 ° while during the hottest months the minimums oscillate between 19 ° / 25 ° and the maximum 27 ° / 30 °.

Fuerteventura when to go

Il best time to go to Fuerteventura it runs from the end of April to October but, basically, even during the other months of the year it is pleasant to go there, take and the Sun and bathe in the fabulous waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fuerteventura beaches

Recall that theFuerteventura island it is particularly windy as it is exposed to trade winds which blow mainly during the afternoon hours from north to south and the sea it is always fresh because of the Marine current of the Canary Islands.

Shopping a Fuerteventura

A Fuerteventura, as well as in all Canary Islands, there are lowest taxes in Europe then do Shopping it is a pleasure for both tourists that for shopkeepers.

One of the best shopping streets of Fuerteventura è Corralejo Main Street where you will find jewelers, shop (Benetton, Zara etc.), shops of typical local products, electronics stores, shoe shops and much more.

Recall that the shops in the municipalities they are open from 8 to 13 and from 16 to 20 while in the large ones shopping centers they are open continuously from 10 to 22.

Fuerteventura shopping centers

A Fuerteventura there are 3 shopping centers important such as:

  • Las Rotondas Shopping Center: is the largest shopping center on the island and is located in Puerto del Rosario on Calle Francisco Pi y Arsuaga.
  • El Campanario Shopping Center: it is a modern and hyperactive shopping center and is located in the center of Corralejo in Calle Hibisco, 1.
  • Centro Commercial Atlantico Fuerteventura: it is a very nice shopping center located in Caleta de Fuste in Carretera de Jandía Km 11

Fuerteventura flea markets

A Fuerteventura many are held periodically markets where you can buy from souvenir, To typical local products until'clothing and much more.

Here are some of the major ones markets of Fuerteventura:

  • Costa Calma Market - is held on Wednesday and Sunday
  • Catillo Market (Caleta de Fuste) - is held on Saturdays

  • Mercadillo de Morro Jable and Mercadillo de Jandia (Penisola di Jandia) - are held every day
  • Oliva Square Market (La Oliva) - held on Sundays

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Fuerteventura pictures

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