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    French Atlantic Coast: the stops to do by car

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    An itinerary by car to see the French Atlantic Coast, starting from Bordeaux and arriving in Gujan Mestras and then reaching Dune du Pilat, the largest dunes in Europe. In the article all the stops and where to stop to experience an adventure on the road in France.

    Due to work changes, this summer we found ourselves organizing a trip, in the middle of August, just two weeks before departure. Sold out or overpriced planes, exhausted hotels, destinations stormed. By now we seemed to be destined to spend the holidays at home, when, an idea.

    Why not try touring the northern part of France by car?
    I had always heard very highly of the French Atlantic coast: wild beaches, spartan destinations, good food, good wine, why not try it? And so we left!
    Below you will find the tappe that you absolutely cannot miss on the French Atlantic Coast.


    Bordeaux , as well as being the city that was half declared UNESCO heritage, is modern and lively, thanks also to the fact that it is populated by many students and every year is visited by millions of tourists. The buildings of this city are majestic and elegant and the streets are full of places where you can sip some good wine and eat some local cheese.

    A must see is the beautiful Citè du Vin, particular construction a form of decanter, inaugurated in 2016. Even if you don't want to go inside, you must at least see it from the outside, because it is absolutely a sight. This golden complex is located on the banks of the Garonne River and will accompany you to discover the complex world of wine.

    At the end of the visit you will be offered a glass in the beautiful Belvedere. Another thing I really liked was definitely the Miroir d'Eau. It is one "mirror of water“, Set on a black granite surface, in front of the Palais de la Bourse, which reflects several images.

    Also unmissable are definitely there Cathedrale Saint Andrè, already declared before UNESCO heritage, which dominates the whole city, together with its beautiful Gothic bell tower and the Public garden, the beautiful city public garden, with ponds inside, different types of birds, the botanical garden and the Natural History Museum, not accessible until 2018 due to renovations.

    The i 1000km of vineyards that surround the city and beyond 5000 chateaux (wineries) that we can find in Bordeaux. If you are interested in the tastings, Talk to 'tourism Office, will give you great tips.

    Gujan Mestras

    If you are a lover of oysters you absolutely cannot miss this delightful village, which bases its entire economy on the breeding of these crustaceans. Here you can find the Maison de l'Huitre, small but nice, where you can find all the explanations on how oysters are raised.

    The beauty of Gujan Mestras, develops all around the port, where you can find all the local producers who prepare you a good plate of oysters at really affordable prices. I assure you that it is really beautiful and worth a visit.


    Arcachon is a seaside resort on the French Atlantic coast, very popular during the summer, divided into four lovely neighborhoods. Definitely worth the neighborhood Ville d'Ete, with its beautiful Plage D'Arcachon and the small lively center and the majestic neighborhood Ville d'Hiver, nestled in the hills, where we can find many beautiful villas.

    From the pier of Jetèe Thiers, attached to the Plage d'Arcachon, boats leave to reach the delightful village of Cap Ferrat, a must see. Cap Ferrat it is surrounded by a thick pine forest and, besides being simply delightful, it also has a beautiful lighthouse, the Phare du Cap Ferrat, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the famous Dune du Pilat.

    Dune of Pilat

    You must know that on this journey, right from the start, we had only one certainty: to see the famous dune largest in Europe. My enthusiasm immediately broke when I had to climb it: I thought I was dying from how tiring it was.

    Obviously you can also climb through a ladder that helps, but we, of course, have chosen the most difficult route. The effort was rewarded by what we admired once at the top: once Breath-taking view and a feeling that cannot be explained in words. Go there because it deserves !!

    La Dune of Pilat, is located 8 km south of Archachon. The surroundings are fabulous, if you have time, organize a bike ride and venture among the wonderful paths surrounded by greenery, until you reach the beautiful beaches around Biscarrosse (I will tell you about that area later because it DESERVES a separate article.)

    St. Emilion

    We have arrived at one of the favorite places on this trip. St. Emilion, is a small medieval village, surrounded by expanses of beautiful vineyards, and it is definitely a place that immediately strikes you!

    The place is very touristy, full of shops selling wines, where you can also have good tastings and taste good local food. The whole village and its vineyards have been declared UNESCO heritage and I assure you that they are truly wonderful. In the summer it is besieged by tourists, but I assure you it will hit you anyway.

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