Restaurants in Paris: 15 must-see addresses

Paris is known around the world for its romantic and bohemian atmosphere, but it is equally famous for its delicacies. In fact, it offers a culinary scenario of an incredible level and every time I go there (often as you well know .. my brother lives there) I love to go in search of new restaurants and try new specialties. I must confess that making a list of my favorite places to eat and Paris was not easy. There is truly spoiled for choice! I tried to select the places that impressed me the most, both for the quality of the food and for the location. Some I discovered very recently, others are a fixed stop on any of my Paris visits. I would also like to dispel a myth ... To eat well in Paris, you don't need to empty your wallet! Of course, luxury restaurants abound, but there are really many cheaper alternatives where you can eat well, spend little or find a good quality / price ratio! I want to clarify that I do not want to draw up a ranking and I do not claim to have found all the best restaurants in the French capital. There are way too many! Nevertheless, I hope that my suggestions will be useful to you and help you orient yourself in the Parisian culinary scene. But no more chatter, let's get started!

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Behind (Marais)

Located in the heart of the Marais, Derriere is a restaurant that embodies the bohemian spirit of the French capital. Quirky and trendy, until recently it didn't even have a phone number and the front door had no signs. A real clandestine restaurant! But the quality of the food and the relaxed atmosphere soon made him very popular. You can eat in the inner courtyard, surrounded by bamboo and climbing plants. I recommend you try the duck with fois gras and don't miss the delicious desserts!

69, Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 - Tel +33 1 44 61 91 95

Septime (Bastille)

This restaurant offers an innovative interpretation of classic French cuisine. The fame of the chef Bertrand Grébaut and the quality of the dishes have made it an unmissable stop for both Parisians and tourists and it is therefore necessary to book well in advance. But I assure you that the wait is amply rewarded ... It is no coincidence that it was included in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2016! The menu is seasonal and combines modernity and tradition, ensuring an unmissable dining experience!

80 rue de Charonne, 75011 - Tel +33 1 43 67 38 29

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Café Hugo (Marais)

Under the vaulted arches of the historic Place des Vosges, this café offers a charming location and a respectable menu. Haven't tried the breakfast, which they tell me is great, but I can vouch for brunch! The legume soup and mixed salads are delicious. Even if you are not hungry and you are passing by, stop for ten minutes to sip a glass of wine and savor the Parisian atmosphere!

22 Place des Vosges, 75004 - Tel +33 1 42 72 64 04

The Troumilou (Saint Gervais)

If you are looking for a typical Parisian bistro for a romantic dinner, Le Troumilou is for you! Located on the banks of the Seine near the Gothic church of Saint Gervais, it offers quality French cuisine at fair prices. I recommend trying the steak tartare and the boeuf Ă  la Bourguignonne, truly exceptional!

84 quai de l'Hotel de Ville, 75004 - Tel +33 1 42 77 63 98

 Breizh Cafè (Marais)

One of my favorite brunch spots in Paris! You will dream of their sweet fruit crepes at night and their galettes are a must try too. Not one of the trendiest places on the list, but if you're in the area it really deserves it. For vegetarian readers this cafe is a great alternative as they have a lot of gluten-free and vegan options. Be prepared to queue (but it gets rid of pretty fast ..).

109 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 - Tel +33 1 42 72 13 77

Happiness (Gobelins)

If between a crepe and a duck with fois gras you get homesick, La FelicitĂ  is for you! It is a truly enormous food market and has been named the largest restaurant in Europe. Inside there are wine bars, restaurants and pizzerias with ingredients coming almost exclusively from the Italian boot. The atmosphere is truly unique, it tends to be a bit crowded, but if you are in the Gobelins area, drop by because it's worth it.

A little in the style of food markets, you can order at any service point, pick it up when it's ready and sit in the corner with the atmosphere you prefer. A real tip, especially when it is crowded, is to use their mobile App, which allows you to order and pay comfortably at the table, you just have to go and get your tray when you receive the notification (always on your phone).

55 boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013

Chicken (Good News)

400 meters from the Pompidou Center, Poulette is an old-fashioned bistro with mosaics on the walls and a retro atmosphere. The furnishings and colors in art deco style will make you the perfect setting for a mouth-watering Parisian lunch. They have a seasonal menu, but if you get the chance I recommend trying their gourmet steak because it is truly divine!

3 Rue Etienne Marcel, 75001 - Tel +33 9 53 62 89 17

Bistrot Belhara (Gros-Caillou)

The Bistrot Belhara is a little place a stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower where, despite the location, it is possible to eat very well at fair prices. There are few tables and surprisingly few tourists. Their selection is also seasonal, but I can definitely recommend the four-course house menu and their incredible millefeuille.

23 rue Duvivier, 75007 - Tel +33 1 45 51 41 77

Clamato (Bastille)

Clamato is under the guidance of chef Bertrand Grébaut, the young wonder who also hides behind Septime. It is renowned for its seafood specialties and is perhaps the best Parisian restaurant to eat fresh and high quality oysters. The portions are small and allow you to enjoy different courses and taste more dishes.

80 rue de Charonne, 75011 - Tel +33 1 43 72 74 53

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Chez Janou (Marais)

Chez Janou is a restaurant in the heart of Paris that serves traditional French cuisine in a welcoming and familiar environment. It's not huge and I always recommend booking a table. The portions are generous and the staff are super friendly. They have a well-stocked bar, with more than eighty types of Pastis, a typical French aperitif to try at least once.

2 rue Roger Verlomme, 75003 - Tel +33 1 42 72 28 41

I Thé..Me (Vaugirard)

Je Thè..Me is an intimate and comfortable little restaurant in the Vaugirard area. Also in this case it is traditional French cuisine, but revisited in a modern way. It is not too touristy and usually it is not necessary to book. The value for money is really excellent. This little gem is proof that even in Paris you can eat very well for a little money.

4 rue d Alleray, 75015 - Tel +33 1 48 42 48 30

 La Javelle - Effervescent bar (Vaugirard)

If you are in Paigi in the summer, La Javelle - Guinguette effervescente is the place to go! Located on the riverside, it offers a magical atmosphere, with live music, cocktails and pizzas. During the day they organize a lot of interesting activities and in the evening it is the perfect place to enjoy a warm Parisian evening, sipping wine and chatting with friends.

11 Port de Javel Bas, 75015

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The Flag of Fidelity (Necker)

If you want to take a break from French cuisine and are a lover of Asian cuisine, I recommend that you give Le Drapeau de la Fidélité a chance. It is a Vietnamese restaurant that offers high quality dishes at very low prices. The caramelized pork is sublime and their curry chicken can hold its own against the best restaurants in Hanoi!

21 rue Copreaux | Metro Volontaires, 75015 - Tel +33 1 45 66 73 82

 Issy Guinguette (Issy-les-Moulineaux)

Issy Guinguette is one of my all time favorite Parisian restaurants. It is difficult to describe the atmosphere of this unique place ... in the outdoor courtyard you eat surrounded by plants and lights and it seems to have stepped into a fairy tale. The food is no exception and the menu changes every day. The French specialties I have tried have never disappointed me and the service is always impeccable.

113 B avenue de Verdun, 92130 - Tel. +33 1 46 62 04 27

The Pig with the Ear (Les Halles)

Last but not least, Le Cochon Ă  l'Oreille! An old-fashioned Parisian bistro that will take you back in time and make you relive the Paris of the late nineteenth century. Mosaics on the walls, soft lighting and family-run service hide behind an inconspicuous entrance on Rue Montmartre. Don't miss this little gem!

15 rue Montmartre, 75001- Tel. +33 1 40 15 98 24

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