Fremont Street Experience, one of the must-see shows in Las Vegas

The Fremont Street Experience is one of the main attractions of Las Vegas, in Nevada. The attraction develops along the Fremont Street, the historic street where it can be said that the Las Vegas of gambling was born and the second most important street in the city, after The Strip.

For many years, the western end of Fremont Street was the most commonly represented area to show the lights of Las Vegas. The large number of neon signs earned the area the nickname "Glitter Gulch".

By 1992, however, 80 percent of the Las Vegas casino market had moved to the Strip. The hotels and casinos of Downtown Las Vegas, where Fremont Street is located, have tried to create an attraction to attract more visitors in their activities. And that's how the Fremont Street Experience was born.

What is the Fremont Street Experience

The FSE is located on the 5 westernmost blocks of Fremont Street. The attraction is one huge LED light dome which covers the road, located 27 meters high, made up of four blocks with a total length of 460 meters.

This world famous place is home to Viva Vision, the largest LED screen in the world, and hosts free concerts, special events and street performers throughout the year. More than 22 million Las Vegas visitors annually take part in Viva Vision's light shows.

This gigantic dome that covers the ceiling made the pedestrian zone of Fremont Street, a sort of large "shopping center" with shops, bars, restaurants and the historic casinos of Las Vegas such as: the Golden Nugget, the Eldorado Club and the Pioneer Club.

Main attractions of the Fremont Street Experience

Viva Vision

Viva Vision is a LED display with a powerful sound system that covers the entire promenade of the Fremont Street Experience, from Main Street to Fourth Street. The screen offers a variety of light shows, dazzling high resolution images and sound quality equal to a latest generation 500 watt concert system. The Viva Vision screen is made up of 12 million LED lamps and 220 amplifiers.

Light & Sound Show

It is a light and sound show that is presented every evening starting at sunset. Among the most popular shows, one of the most popular is the “Lucky Vegas” show, which pays homage to some of Las Vegas' best-known icons. The show lasts 6 minutes and is one of many free Las Vegas shows.

Pedestrian Mall

Fremont Street, with the permanent closure to vehicular traffic in September 1994 and with the gigantic dome with LED lights covering the street, has become a kind of pedestrian mall. The street is lined with shops, bars, restaurants and the inevitable casinos. When the lights and sound shows are not projected, the music plays all along the avenue.


One of the most spectacular ways to see the lights of Fremont Street is to fly over the spectacular tyroline SlotZilla, a zip line that slides under the Viva Vision screen.


It is a shopping and entertainment complex located at the eastern end of the mall's pedestrian zone, where Las Vegas Boulevard South meets Fremont Street.

Come arrivare a Fremont Street Experience

If you have the hotel on the Strip you can easily reach Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street by car, taxi, bus or various shuttles, even free.

If you arrive by car a large is available parcheggio, the Fremont Experience Parking Plaza, at the eastern end of Fremont Street at 4 Street and Carson. It is a multi-storey car park with 1.430 spaces, built to accommodate the increase in visitors.

Where to sleep on Fremont Street

There are various good hotels to sleep on Fremont Street, many of which are also home to large casinos. THE best hotels to stay at in this beautiful tourist area, one of the best in Las Vegas, are:

California Hotel and Casino

The D Las Vegas

Four Queens Hotel & Casino

Fremont Hotel and Casino

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino


Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Main Street Station Casino Brewery and Hotel

In the vast majority of cases, hotel room rates on Fremont Street are cheaper than hotels on the Strip.

It is not uncommon to find great rates or deals on a hotel room like the Plaza or Four Queens at a cost of about a third or half the price of many rooms on The Strip.

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