Fizz Bar, a piadina in the cloister of Santa Maria delle Grazie

    Fizz Bar, a piadina in the cloister of Santa Maria delle Grazie

    Magenta Course is one of the most famous streets of Milan above all because, between pavé and concrete buildings, stands the beautiful basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie. One of the first sites to be declared a World Heritage Site, the structure houses the Viniciano Cenacle, which houses the work for which tourists from all over the world book a visit months in advance: The Last Supper.

    The result is that half of the young Milanese, in all probability, have seen the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci the last time at the age of 11-12, on the occasion of a trip organized by his own middle school. A proposal such as "this weekend we could go and see the Upper Room" is not contemplated, as finding tickets without a large advance is practically impossible.

    However, both if you manage to enter the Upper Room or if you find yourself in the surroundings of the beautiful Milanese basilica, you have the opportunity to spend a pleasant and tasty lunch break .. strictly low cost!

    Along Corso Magenta, just before the corner of the road that borders the large square that houses Santa Maria delle Grazie, there is the Fizz Bar, whose specialties are wraps, focaccia and sandwiches stuffed with a wide choice of tasty and fresh ingredients.

    The proximity to the Catholic University has made the bar a favorite destination for many students who pass “by Fizz” during their lunch break with the certainty of not being disappointed by the rich sandwiches. The dimensions of the internal room of the bar are very small and being able to sit at one of the few tables can be a challenge.

    Again, the alternate plan is around the corner. Literally. In fact, during the summer it is a must to eat a Fizz piadina in the small cloister of Santa Maria delle Grazie, also called "Cloister of the Frogs”Because of the bronze frogs placed above the fountain. It is a paradisiacal space located at the back of the basilica and adorned with columns, arches and trees and in which a tranquility reigns that one would not expect to find in the middle of a crowded street like Corso Magenta or, more generally, in the constant frenzy of the Lombard capital. Not surprisingly, for many students it is the ideal place for a review moment before an exam or for a little relaxation between one lesson and another.

    If you come to Corso Magenta to visit The Last Supper, or simply to try to visit it, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a good Fizz piadina in the shade of the stone arches of the cloister of Santa Maria delle Grazie on a beautiful sunny day… You will not regret it!

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