Eating in Rome: Glass Hostaria

    Glass Hostaria it is a restaurant in full swing downtown Rome and precisely in Vicolo del Cinque, 58 a bit difficult to find as it has no sign. The environment is very accurate in detail with plays of light created by the lamps that descend from the ceiling and glass plates inserted in the fixtures and flooring.

    A very special experience in terms of taste with a very varied menu. Excellent are the tastings that allow you to try different dishes at a fixed price. The tastings they can be meat or fish and include five courses. Among the dishes that I recommend are the beef tartare with orange and capers, mezzelune stuffed with amatriciana and crispy bacon and scallops with pistachio and mushroom sauce.

    Very good is the warm bread which is served with a selection of tastings, from classic white bread to bread stuffed with walnuts, very good indeed.

    The price is quite high for the dishes ordered from the menu, the meat tasting menu has a price of 70euro, while for the choice of fish 90euro, at first glance they may seem high, but if we think that it is 5 courses it seems to me a reasonable price. I recommend trying this venue for one special evening.

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