Eat at the Pugliese restaurant, at the Rimini Meeting

    Eat at the Pugliese restaurant, at the Rimini Meeting

    The trade fair event of Meeting takes place every year in August in Rimini. It is an event that gathers thousands of attendees between meetings, exhibitions, pavilions dedicated to sport and eating. However, if you are not interested as an event in itself, you can however try to enter the pavilions dedicated to catering such as B1 where there is fast food or B2 and B3 with typical restaurants.

    Entering the fair in Rimini during this event is free, and once inside the pavilions dedicated to food it will not be difficult for you to read the menus and the costs of each gastronomy, fast food or restaurant. This year I skipped the fast food sector which still has wraps, burgers in all its variations, fruit and yoghurt, pizzas, fries or fried fish. The costs here are not exactly as cheap as the hamburger at € 3,90, but compared to the classic sandwiches of well-known distribution brands they are much larger and more substantial.

    I immediately turned to the sector of typical restaurants and I found the Romagnolo, the Bergamasco, the Umbrian restaurant Oro Bianco "Graticula”With meat from the consortium Vitellone Bianco Central Apennines, the Mediterranean and the Apulian Corte San Nicola. Honestly though, wherever you turn you will find something to eat, mind you.

    Since it is a piece that I would like to participate in a blog tour dedicated to food in this beautiful Italian region, I was satisfied to try this Apulian restaurant at the fair, Corte San Nicola, aware however that it is not like eating in a real restaurant on site.

    Available five different menus with prices from 9 euros to 22 euros. I chose the menu for 15, the Mistral with a home made appetizer andrianese dairy products, sweet black olives, battered courgette flowers, onion petals, parmigiana e gratin mussels, fried octopus with bean and tomato puree, cuttlefish on cream and peas. Then a portion of sausage with vegetables baked and crostone with olive oil, seasonal fruit (especially grapes), a glass of Red Malvasia as an accompaniment and as a dessert it Zuccotto from Lecce.

    I must say that I was especially satisfied with the starter, really rich. The dessert was then the icing on the cake. I can say that I was in Puglia, at least for half an hour.

    The Meeting is open until Saturday 24th August, so you still have time to drop by at least to eat.

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