Easter in Rimini, low cost sleep for Paganello

    Easter in Rimini with the Paganello event, the ultimate tournament that stops in the city of Emilia Romagna every year. Here's how and where to sleep during Easter in Rimini on a budget.

    One of the reasons 2014 is a good year is because Easter comes "late". Easter Sunday in fact falls this year on April 20, an excellent date to take advantage of very close parties, on April 25th and May 1st and make a nice one Sea Holiday, perhaps right on the Riviera Romagnola and in Rimini.

    Easter in Rimini, low cost sleep for Paganello

    During the Easter period in Rimini, with good weather and sun, all tourist activities reopen. Therefore, hotels and pensions by the sea, but also the shops and restaurants on the promenade of the Riviera that offer an excellent starting point in the evening for walks on the sand or for shopping since the shops remain open at least until 22pm.

    Another reason why Rimini is famous at Easter is for the presence of an important international tournament: the Paganello. Paganello is a stage of the international tournament of the ultimate game that sees the presence in Rimini of teams from all over the world. The tournament takes place every year in conjunction with Easter and the super final always takes place on Easter Monday.

    Easter in Rimini, low cost sleep for Paganello

    Every year Rimini is preparing to welcome many young people from all over the world, ultimate teams, but also feestyler and frisbie and ultimate enthusiasts who bring their desire for sport and fun to Rimini. The program is as intense as every year and between a challenge on the sand and one Beach party in the evening the championship takes shape and activates all citizens.

    If you are curious to see better what it is, the Paganello has a his site, while if you are already convinced to go or were looking for a good excuse to have a nice spring holiday in Rimini, here are some ideas to find hotels in Rimini, I recommend you to look for an apartment with Airbnb.

    Easter in Rimini, low cost sleep for Paganello

    Airbnb has a philosophy in line with the Paganello event in Rimini, for those who want to have fun, want to have maximum freedom, so no breakfast until a certain time, no returning to the hotel by midnight for example, and it can range from an entire house available or a single room to share, so that you can also meet some local boy or girl. I find Airbnb a brilliant idea and already more than once I have had the opportunity to speak well about it also because I have tried it myself, but in this case I think it is perfect to experience this beach party at 360 degrees.

    If you come to Rimini, on the occasion of Paganello, be sure to let me know, so we can meet :)

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