California Burger in Riccione, also for celiacs

    An American-style restaurant in the city center of Riccione, also suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten, exists! His name is California Burger and here you can find our review of the place.

    Last night, thanks to the application Gluten Free Roads, I went to eat in a new place for me, a Riccione, California Burger. Let's face it, and those who are celiac know it better than me, in Rimini and in the Province there are not many places for people who do not tolerate gluten. They are always the "usual suspects", whom by now, although not personally celiac, I know well. California Burger in Riccione, also for celiacs So last night I looked for a place in Riccione and I came across this place, the California Burger. Online I found reviews not too promising, no photos, not even on their facebook page that perhaps they do not care properly, and no phone number. I wanted to call to see if the place was still open, if it was also a place for celiacs ... to make sure everything was ok. I didn't find the number we said, and so I went a bit blind. On the site inItalian Celiac Association i found this cessation of business forum by some structures, including the California Burger in Riccione, via Bellini 9. However, as soon as I arrived, I found these window stickers, which also show the date of 2014 as the effective date of registration to the association. I was a little perplexed. I have anyway ordered all gluten free, then of course I will have a hard time saying if the food was gluten or not, because not suffering from this disease I obviously can't make the comparison. California Burger in Riccione, also for celiacs As for my booking, I took a classic burger with fries and a coke. The place is small, there are about 4 tables inside and another 3 outside. On the city of Riccione the California Burger does too Delivery, but only on the city and no further. The bill must be paid at the time of ordering and they accept the ATM. California Burger in Riccione, also for celiacs In addition to gluten-free cooking, they obviously also make cooking with gluten: hot dogs, Californian burgers and toast. The place, made of red and white tiles, is all covered with writings made with markers, which the manager of the place kindly offers. It is possible to write anything on the wall and on the tile, while the bathroom is pristine from this point of view. Luckily! : D California Burger in Riccione, also for celiacs A menu made of sandwich and chips, with soft drink comes around € 8 per person. The restaurant also sells ice cream in bulk, both with gluten and gluten-free. Overall the experience in my opinion deserves a poor seven. Not being celiac I can not give a true opinion regarding gluten-free food, but from the restaurant I expected a little more. California Burger in Riccione, also for celiacs If you are also curious to try it or want to understand if it is a place that has a certification for gluten-free recognized by the Italian Celiac Association, maybe you too inquire and let me know and comment on the Gluten Free Roads app. I would like to understand if it is right to recommend this place also to those suffering from celiac disease. Thank you.

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