Bam Bar in Taormina, the best granita in Sicily

The best granita in all of Taormina is at Bam Bar, a historical place that is worth visiting during a trip or holiday in Sicily, that's why I recommend the Bam Bar, read the post.

Taormina Wonderful. Of many cities seen in Sicily, Taormina has really remained in my heart, for its colors, its people, for the views but also and above all for one thing: the granita del Bam Bar.

I just tell you that as soon as you take one, you will immediately want another. It's not a joke. The Bam Bar is a real institution. There are no excuses, if you pass by Taormina, la a must is at the Bam Bar.

Bam Bar in Taormina, the best granita in Sicily

Where is the Bam Bar

Taormina is very small, at least the main street is. If you have the time and desire to go up and down its narrow streets, you will find that not only is it big, it's wonderfully big!

The Bam Bar is in a strategic position, not exactly on the main street, but just behind and behind the beautiful (and very famous) Ancient Theatre. Exactly 5 minutes walk from the Theater, in via Giovanni di Giovanni, there is the Bam Bar. You will recognize it immediately for its walls colored with fruit tiles. Then we don't talk about the tables, a riot of colors that just seeing them makes you thirsty and want something good and special.

Bam Bar in Taormina, the best granita in Sicily

Granite yes, but what taste?

I tastes are fixed throughout the summer (and not only), at Bam Bar you are not wrong. All granitas have a cost ranging from € 3.5 to € 4. In summer you can choose between strawberry, lemon, peach, almond, chocolate, coffee, raspberry, pineapple, watermelon, melon, banana, kiwi, red fruits, ricotta, mango, hazelnut, nutella, pistachio, white chocolate and yogurt. From March to June you can also choose theorange. In August it is possible to take the mulberry granita e white figs, while only in December the mandarin granita.

Can you just take one taste? Of course not, they can also be mixed. For example, I took melon and peach, with the addition of whipped cream (of course!). A delight for the palate is an understatement.

Bam Bar in Taormina, the best granita in Sicily

Why is Bam Bar so famous?

Because it is simply incomparable. Do you know when it's the VIP characters that make a place unique?
Here, this is the opposite case. The Bam Bar is so good that every season it attracts many more or less known characters, a lot of ordinary people, and people who just want to have a good granita, but especially fresh.

Yes, because here the granitas are special. If it's not yet mulberry time, they don't give you mulberry granita here, they tell you it's not there (yet). And the menu speaks for itself. Each month has its own fruit and therefore also its own specific granita, nothing is invented in the laboratory, and it is perhaps (indeed certainly) for this reason that the granita of the Bam Bar have a special flavor.

If you are thinking about a trip to Sicily, but you haven't decided yet, I suggest you also read some 5 cities not to be missed in the south of Sicily, to get a better idea of ​​what might expect you in this magnificent land. But not only that, if you love walking, maybe you might be interested in the walking itinerary of the via Francigena which passes through Sicily. Have a nice walk!

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