Autumn holidays: the 5 most colorful destinations in Italy

Autumn is a magical and evocative time to travel, there are many colorful destinations in Italy to choose from to carve out a few relaxing days in the months of October and November. From north to south of the boot, here are five tips for planning a special trip.

Autumn is a splendid time for travel: Christmas is not that far away even if we can barely glimpse it in our mind, the atmosphere and the air are sparkling, the clothing becomes elegant but not yet bulky (this makes our suitcases still not very heavy) and mostly the streets begin to take on the many shades of the season.

Because it is not true that autumn is a dull season, the autumn colors are rich in shades and glow, the steps along the streets become muffled and the yellow and red leaves they cover the earth like a long light carpet. Visit Italy in the autumn it is therefore an excellent idea and there are many colorful destinations to choose from to carve out a few days of relaxation in the months of October and November. In the post we recommend the 5 most colorful destinations in Italy for your autumn holiday.

Autumn holidays: the 5 most colorful destinations in Italy

1. Taormina, Sicilian food and perfumes

It is true that in Sicily it is often possible bathing even in autumn, but it is also true that this region is famous for its archaeological, artistic and cultural heritage. In autumn, in Taormina, you will find a smaller influx of tourists and you can fully enjoy this fascinating one pearl of the Mediterranean. You can begin the discovery of autumn Taormina from Corso Umberto I: a narrow and long pedestrian street that fills up every day with wonderful and irresistible scents.
A 'guided excursion on Etna certainly cannot miss it, in the autumn season the largest volcano in Europe acquires even more striking colors. Finally, for those who love wine, there is no better time than autumn to participate in one tasting in Sicily, of course with excellent typical food combinations.

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Autumn holidays: the 5 most colorful destinations in Italy

2. Pittigliano, the Jerusalem of the Tuscan Maremma

Pittigliano is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is defined as the little Jerusalem of the Tuscan Maremma for the historical presence of a Jewish community. This fascinating corner of the world is carved into the tuff and boasts a millenary past and, perhaps also for this reason, perfectly approaches the autumn season: the warm colors and the dreamy atmosphere make Pittigliano even more fairytale, a small town that seems out from an ancient tale. The symbol of the city is the great tuff spur, under which the typical houses of the village are perched. The colors of the tuff in autumn stand out even more and combine harmoniously with the blue shades of the sky: a sight not to be missed. The alleys of Pittigliano are lively and characteristic, the culinary tradition here is very rooted, so don't miss a small eno-gastronomic tour in search of typical dishes. Don't forget to taste the hare ragù, wild boar or Sfratti (typical sweets of Jewish origin).

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Autumn holidays: the 5 most colorful destinations in Italy

3. Procida, an ancient fishing village

Procida is a small island of the Gulf of Naples, an ancient fishing village. It is stormed in the summer but is actually gorgeous as well magical to visit in autumn.
Lots of scenes from the film The postman by Massimo Troisi were shot in Procida. So why not start a tour to discover the places of the Postman? The inn, the Pozzo Vecchio beach, the church, the Corricella port.
In Procida the views are unforgettable, we recommend three places where you can build an indelible memory in your mind: Terra Murata, Semmarezio and Collinetta del Cottimo.
The houses on the sea of ​​Corricella are colorful and characteristic, as are the fishing boats. The houses have pastel colors that intersect in a very suggestive way with the colors of the trees, the sky and the plants.

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Autumn holidays: the 5 most colorful destinations in Italy

4 Lucca, the autumnal walls

What's more beautiful than a walled city in autumn? The high fortifications make it even more fascinating to walk during the enveloping autumn period. The walls of Lucca - between October and November - in fact begin to turn yellow and are immortalized by tourists, inhabitants and photographers of international fame. Another reason not to miss Lucca in the autumn is the famous one International fair dedicated to Comics and Games which, following the Coronavirus emergency, has reorganized itself by making a series of important changes.

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Autumn holidays: the 5 most colorful destinations in Italy

5 The Cinque Terre and the storm

Our last piece of advice is dedicated to Ligurian Cinque Terre. In the summer they are stormed, visiting them in the autumn, however, without being frightened by the rain, can be an excellent opportunity to discover their most authentic nature. The landscape is tinged with a warm ocher color and the sky seems to turn golden. This is the perfect time to taste the fruits of the harvest, perhaps having an aperitif by the sea. Sports lovers can instead devote themselves to a trekking inside the National Park: in autumn, the brisk climate accompanies and supports expert walkers.
Do not miss the spectacle of the storm, from the villages of the Cinque Terre it is possible to see the waves breaking with force against the rocks. In these moments it is not possible to walk along the paths but it is certainly a suggestive and exciting show.

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