Travel to Nepal, life experience of a 15 days tour

Il Nepal it is not only the home of the highest mountain in the world, Everest or Sagarmatha for the Nepalese. This small state al center of Asia, landlocked, closed between India and Chinese Tibet, it actually boasts countless climates and natural environments. Visiting it and immersing yourself in the two profoundly different cultures of Nepali and Sherpa is no doubt a life experience that a traveler shouldn't miss. A 15 day tour in Nepal it is very affordable. We explain how to organize it in the best way.

Il ideal period to organize a trip to Nepal is the one that goes from May to July and from the end of September to mid-November (the first fifteen days of October coincide with the Dasain celebrations; all Nepalese are on the street and it is fun to get lost among their rituals ).

The secret of the first way of saving lies in the choice of flights. The airlines that we offer are these: Etihad Airways (stopover in Abu Dhabi), Qatar Aiways (stopover in Doha), JetAirways (stopover in New Delhi). The latter is a private Indian airline offering the best prices and excellent quality. Also for Nepal the same reasoning applies as always when booking flights: the sooner you buy, the better. If you are oriented to go in the month of October, try to choose the outward journey towards the last days of September. You will be able so save also € 100,00. On the major online booking sites for a round trip Rome-Kathmandu you can get by with just over € 800,00.

Il entry visa it is obtained directly upon arrival at the airport (Tribhuvan of Kathmandu) and costs 25 dollars for 15 days; $ 40 for 16-30 days and $ 100 for 2-3 months. Bring two passport photos with you and, of course, your passport.

We are at the stage of choice of itinerary. Buy a printed or e-book guide of Nepal, wander the net and sketch out a tour. The Kathmandu Valley, which also includes the splendid Bhaktapur (even more characteristic of the capital) is certainly worth seeing all: Changu Narayan, Pashupatinath, Patan, Vajrayogini, Bodnath and so on and so forth. You can think of immersing yourself in the Chitwan Park comfortably relaxed on the back of an elephant or visit Lumbini, the place where Buddha was born. You can fly to Pokhara and let yourself be kidnapped by the height of Annapurna (8.091 meters) or head south-east to Lukla (one of the most dangerous airports in the world with an uphill landing strip) to meet the most sacred mountain for the Nepalese , Everest (8.848 m).

If you are spoiled for choice, we will come to your rescue Low-Cost Travel. We propose you to do base from Frank, a Spanish-Nepalese who for some years has opened a small hotel in Bhaktapur and acts as a tour operator. The Nepal Planet it is a crossroads of travel experiences, a family more than a hotel. Trust him. He will listen to you (via email) e will organize a tour for you taking care of every detail: from trekking to simple tourist itineraries, passing through days by bus to get to Tibet.

Il cost of living in Nepal it is very low: you can dine with the equivalent of ours 5,00€ and buy a branded windbreaker even with € 50,00. Finally, Nepalese cuisine varies a lot. Dal bhat (lentils and rice) is the dish par excellence; in the Himalayan areas, however, we recommend the momo (fried or steamed ravioli filled with meat, vegetables or cheese). We advise you to taste the tea and it yak yogurt. If you are already thinking about what to bring back from Nepal to your loved ones and your friends, you will have no doubts in choosing a warm cashmere pashmina (yes they make you pay for them!).

Where to sleep in Nepal

Are you thinking about where to sleep in Nepal? We recommend that you look at the review of thePlanet Hotel in Bhaktapur, a hotel in Bhaktapur which is just 15 minutes walk from the center.
You can find the review of the Hotel Planet in the dedicated post.

Nepal: what to know before leaving

Are you leaving for Nepal and don't know what to expect? Find all the practical information about your first trip to Nepal in the post about practical information before you travel. Here you will find tips on how to get around, on visas, on the roads of Nepal, on what to eat and also on how much it costs to live in Nepal, as well as how to change currency and on security in Nepal.

When to go to Nepal

What is the right time to go to Nepal? This and much more information in the post dedicated to the right time to visit the mountains of Nepal, to go trekking or visit some of the most beautiful areas of the country. Read the post and organize your visit also according to the best period for your vacation.

What to eat in Nepal

What to eat in Nepal, its predominant colors such as the white of the rice or the yellow of the curry. Cheese, fried bread, tea, papad, rice pudding and much, much more. All the tastes of Nepal in the dedicated post to find the new tastes of a journey to be discovered.

Trekking in Nepal

What to do in Nepal Trekking obviously! Here are all the trekking routes to do in Nepal, to be discovered step by step, to be organized for the first trip to such a beautiful and lively land, but not only that, also the difference in more or less easy routes and advice for the first time in Nepal.

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