Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Five tried and tested places to eat or tease something while waiting for lunch in Treviso, the five best places in the city recommended for you.

In the Po Valley, nestled between the Venetian lagoon and the Belluno Dolomites, “where Sile and Cagnan go together”, History, Culture, Tradition and Modernity mix and coexist within the walls of one of the most vital and richest cities in the North-East.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Treviso, which over the centuries has welcomed and given birth to illustrious personalities, also deserving a mention in the Divine Comedy, offers an interesting variety of cultural, artistic and gastronomic proposals to satisfy every type of request. And like any self-respecting sumptuous dinner, we begin by whetting the appetite and curiosity of the guests with some proposals for an aperitif that is sometimes trendy and sometimes typical, but always genuinely Treviso.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Osteria La Gigia

Impossible not to start from here: a must for tourists, a place of worship for locals, from Gigia space is very little but the satisfactions are many! A'old-fashioned tavern, where the hosts, Ovid and Sandro, do the math in mind (and they are NEVER wrong!) and the sophistications so much in vogue these days remain outside the door .. because they don't fit! You drink on the goths, the glasses where it fits right a shade of wine, the only cocktail is the spritz and the culinary proposals are really essential: exquisite mozzarella in carrozza, delicious pizzas, sandwiches and sandwiches (above all the scoasse) with few ingredients, but always fresh and tasty.

La authenticity it is certainly the strong point of this institution of the Treviso area, always open for more than thirty years and always, but really always full of people. Arm yourself with patience and arrive on an empty stomach, because "one piece leads to another"! And while you wait, you can always get lost looking at the wall studded with old cell phones left by customers, complete with dedications, farewell letters and nice comments.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Swallow: exactly in front of Piazza dei Signori, in Vicolo Barberia. Impossible not to see it, when it is open it creates traffic jams in the alley, precisely because there is no space inside.

Cosa: “A piece and a cedar” is the secret phrase, that is a mozzarella in carrozza (with ham or anchovies) and a citron. But everything deserves a taste.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Osteria Dai Naneti

Always in the heart of Treviso, and the Treviso area, our itinerary continues. A few steps from Piazza dei Signori, you enter a local of the past. As soon as you close the door behind you, you can breathe a different air, that of the real Osteria of the past: welcome to the Naneti. As for the Gigia, here the place is not very big and wears out standing up, but it really deserves a stop. Above the counter, stocked with cheeses and other gastronomic delicacies, hangs a vast assortment of cold cuts and all around bottles of excellent wine are the masters.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

You can choose to order assorted platters of cheeses, meats, vegetables in oil or even have an excellent one prepared sandwich. The best thing is that you can choose the size of the sandwich, as well as obviously the content, rigorously cut with a knife. All accompanied by excellent wine, and since we are an aperitif an excellent Treviso Prosecco cannot be missing.

Swallow: on the left of Piazza dei Signori, in Piazza Indipendenza, next to the Benetton shop, Via Broli. There is no sign, but you will notice the comings and goings and the colorful shouting of young and old customers.

Cosa: mixed platter and prosecco, or a sandwich with mortadella (strictly cut with a knife) and a shade of red will set the tone for your Treviso evening.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Osteria Muscoli's

Moving towards the picturesque setting of the Pescheria, behind the sumptuous Cà dei Carraresi, we meet the third of the Osterie with the capital "O" of the city: Muscoli's. Overlooking the islet theater of the newspaper fish market, meeting place and ciàcole (gossip) of the affable Trevisan ladies is this historic place, among the most popular and appreciated by patrons of all ages.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Throughout the day and until midnight you can find cicheti ("single-serve" snacks) and excellent wine, which never fails to wet the burnt throats of the needy! The restaurant develops in depth, offering an abundant twenty seats and Esate takes advantage of part of the area dedicated to the market as a terrace, which in the evening offers the opportunity to dine or simply drink something in a truly suggestive context. Muscoli's offers traditional cuisine, without frills but attentive to quality and quantity, with typical dishes and daily proposals, but throughout the day there are savory pies, cicheti and sandwiches made at the moment.

Swallow: Pescheria Buranelli, in Via Pescheria, between Piazza dei Signori and Piazza del Grano, exactly in front of the bridge that connects the Via to the islet.

Cosa: savory pies, croutons and hot sandwiches, to be accompanied with a still prosecco or a spritz served on the bowl.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Venegazzù cellar

The mixture of Tradition and Modernity that characterizes Treviso can be breathed in the fourth stage of our tour of aperitifs, at the Cantinetta. A place awarded the "Stecadente d'Oro”, Which rewards quality service and courtesy cannot fail to be worth a visit, and it will be really worth it. An elegant meeting between the typical tavern and the modern wine bar where dozens of fine labels are combined with traditional cicheti, where the always friendly staff knows how to guide you in your choice and where, thanks to all this, every evening customers of all kinds meet.

La long window under the arcades and a small stalls in the fascinating Piazza Ancilotto welcome visitors, and upon entering the eye is captured by a beautiful window full of inviting snacks and a blackboard hanging above the counter in which to get lost among reds, whites, bubbles and well-prepared cocktails. There are few seats, both inside and out, but with a good glass and a delicious cicheto you will even forget you are standing!

Swallow: behind Piazza dei Signori, immediately after Via S. Vito, at the beginning of Via Trevisi, on Piazza Ancilotto.

Cosa: let the guys advise you, or your instincts. You certainly won't regret it!

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

Osteria Antico Pallone

Where to close this brief and incomplete overview of the Treviso aperitif bars? Many places come to mind, more less traditional, more or less trendy, more or less .. local. But the choice finally falls on this tavern which is wrongly underestimated, or perhaps only little publicized and little traveled by the traditional "bar trips" that enliven the streets of the center in the evening. L'Ancient flask it is a historic place, which has nothing to envy to the "trio" described above, and which offers the essence of Treviso in a rustic and familiar context, in short, ideal for a truly Trevisan aperitif.

Aperitif in Treviso: 5 recommended places

A stone's throw from Piazza dei Signori but in a secluded position, the kingdom of Orlando and Lucia offers sandwiches made at the moment and typical seasonal cicheti washed down with excellent wines from the Marca. The products are fresh and of quality, and the restaurant, despite not having a large capacity, invariably manages to serve everyone in a space dominated by wood and relics of the owner's youth .. and inevitably everyone comes out satisfied! And with this we conclude the five, or rather the "manita" as they say in the football world, and here the name of the club and the owner's passion for Viola are a must!

Swallow: from Piazza Borsa towards Piazza dei Signori, on the left at the beginning of Vicolo Rialto, before the arcades of Via XX Settembre.

Cosa: hot sandwich with porchetta cut with a knife and a shade of red, but also polenta and musetto, nervetti, croutons, the choice is not lacking.

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