Aperitif in Rimini at the Bar del Porto

    Il Bar of the Port of Rimini it is a place known by all practically for its strategic position. The bar is in fact located in front of the Anchor, meeting points in summer and winter for young people and fishermen. The bar is still briefly on the road but just outside the area where cars or mopeds pass, making it a very special area.

    The Bar del Porto has two sides on which to serve customers, the one facing the harbor with boats and small boats that at sunset offer a light show and the one turned instead directly by the sea and the beach. The location is excellent, no doubt about it, in spring then here you can have an aperitif with your face turned to the sun and in summer… directly in your costume.

    In the evening it is possible to have an aperitif here before heading to the Rock Island which is on the street of the Bar del Porto, also here there is also a tobacco service and in the morning the croissants are not bad. Only downside to this place is the price, higher than the others. Of course they do pay the position and the view, which is certainly not lacking, but a coffee is almost 0.60 € more than the normal wing. As long as we talk about coffee it's fine, but watch out if you have to have lunch. In short, I warned you, the place is beautiful, but pay attention to the price.

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