Turks and Caicos: 5 reasons to see the archipelago

Turks and Caicos, the Caribbean archipelago and five reasons to book a hot holiday without spending a fortune, read the post.

Close your eyes and let yourself go: you are lying on soft white sand, a sweet and warm breath of wind blows on your face, the sun is intense, you can see it even with your eyes closed and the salty smell of the sea carries you to distant memories . Only you, the sun and the sound of the sea. A surreal peace around you.
No, it is not a dream. Welcome to the archipelago of Turks and Caicos!

Turks and Caicos: 5 reasons to see the archipelago

These wonderful and semi-uninhabited islands are geographically not far from Cuba and the Dominican Republic, but the travel experience you can get here is millions of light years away from the super-crowded and commercial tourism of the two bulky neighbors.
Fine and brilliant sand, tropical climate and vegetation, these islands have the same scenic charm of the Caribbean sisters but are privileged for their tranquility. Here nature reigns supreme, but it is not a wild and indomitable or inhospitable nature, I would rather say a welcoming, generous and peaceful nature.

In recent decades, the Turks and Caicos have become a favorite destination for VIPs from all over the world; you can therefore find luxury accommodation facilities, resorts and villas, all in the name of exclusivity and privacy. Don't be fooled though, even us mere mortals can organize an unforgettable holiday without getting into debt for the next 3 generations! An eye on offers from tour operators international companies who manage several properties here could allow us to live the dream of a vacation in Turks and Caicos.

Turks and Caicos: 5 reasons to see the archipelago

There would be dozens of excellent reasons to take refuge in this enchanted corner of the world for a few days, but I bet these 5 will convince you to buy a plane ticket right away.

Snorkeling or Diving

Here no diver will be disappointed: generally excellent visibility all year round, constant water temperature, a protective environmental policy that allows you to meet a very wide variety of marine species (on the agenda are encounters with reef sharks, Dolphins, turtles, sea eagles, tropical morays, black coral, huge sponges and all kinds of colorful tropical fish). The Turks and Caicos are one of the best known places in the world to meet the giants of the sea, and the underwater landscape is unique because it allows you to easily immerse yourself in the blue along incredible underwater "walls" that sink into the ocean sometimes for tens or hundreds. of meters, covered by coral formations Of every kind. In the winter months it is even possible to take part in humpback whale watching cruises. From the main city, Providenciales, there are numerous excursions for divers and snorkelers; as an enthusiast as I am, I recommend a dedicated mini cruise of a few days, in which to reach lesser-known diving spots, less crowded and therefore more populated by sea creatures.

Turks and Caicos: 5 reasons to see the archipelago


You will find hundreds of them, from VIPs to Providenciales up to the unknown ones of deserted islands, their colors will literally leave you breathless. The beach of Grace Bay, very long and surrounded by the most luxurious hotels on the islands; then Holliwood Beach a North Caicos, quiet and not very busy; again Mudjiin in Middle Caicos is one of the most photographed places in the entire archipelago; finally Half-Moon Bay is famous for its amazing iguana population. The truth is that by taking a nice one-day boat trip you can be taken to unknown and nameless places where you will be accompanied only by the sound of the sea, living a magical experience.

Bird Watching

These islands little corrupted by mass tourism not only offer beaches of fine white sand like talcum powder, but also a hinterland rich in vegetation, with many swamps and brackish pools. It is here that many resident birds and many other migratory birds find their natural habitat: flamingo pelicans ed herons among the largest and most majestic, then also small and lively sea birds such as suras, swallows and ospreys. Fortunately, the environmental policy is attentive to the protection of the habitat, so animals can live peacefully in areas declared parks where they are adequately protected. There are many more parks here than you will be able to visit, but you cannot miss the Flamingo Pond in North Caicos, where you can admire expanses of thousands of pink flamingos right in front of your eyes.

Turks and Caicos: 5 reasons to see the archipelago

Sports activities

All those who do not like to relax on one of the beautiful beaches of the archipelago will find a thousand activities to do: water sports like water ski, wave boarding, kiteboarding and kitesurfing, kayaking, parasailing, sailing and windsurfing, surfing, and of course sport fishing. There is no shortage of cruises of all kinds, from underwater to tourist ones, even on exclusive private yachts. There is also no shortage of activities to do on land, such as a nice ride by the sea, a game of golf or a nice quad bike ride: fun is guaranteed.

The Conch

I conch are huge shells typical of the Caribbean Sea, which are particularly numerous in this archipelago; they are also called queen shells and are protected by strict international regulations. Being the symbol of the Turks and Caicos as well as one of the most consumed foods on the island, a huge ad hoc breeding was created to prevent their consumption from endangering the survival of the species. The farm is located in Providenciales and is open to visitors.
The conch tastes delicious, similar to clam, and is cooked in a thousand traditional dishes: typically you find them fried or in salads. I personally found their curry preparation simply divine. You cannot miss the experience of tasting them. The visit to the farm is an optional, it depends on the time you have available. Consider that it is not unusual in tourist facilities or villas to find many decorating dry stone walls. Attention, the shell is beautiful but do not let yourself be tempted: it is forbidden to take them outside the national territory.

Turks and Caicos: 5 reasons to see the archipelago

I think I have given you more than one good reason to plan your next vacation in Turks and Caicos: I personally lived here some unforgettable weeks in full relaxation and I did the best dives of my life. I feel like leaving, and you?

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