All year parades in New York City

    New York it is a capital multicultural which offers activities and ways to have fun at any time of the year, also thanks to parades organized by the small and large communities of which it is formed. I bet you can find some at any time of the year small parade to participate in, here is the list, I think complete.

    New Years Eve in Times Square which takes place on the night between December 31st and January 1st. Not a real parade but a party that looks a lot like it and that somehow inaugurates the year of great parties. With the descent of the luminous sphere in the center of the square this tradition was born in 1907 which continues and attract millions of tourists.

    Three Kings Day Parade takes place on January 6, the day of the Befana in Spanish Harlem, one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Manhattan. The advent of the three kings is interpreted according to Caribbean rhythms, a riot of music.

    Chinese New Year between January and February, which is celebrated by the Chinese community with dragons and colorful costumes, you can't miss it, and maybe take the opportunity for a walk in the ethnic district of ChinaTown.

    The third Monday in February is the presidential parade to commemorate the birth dates of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

    St. Patrick's Day Parade it is March 17th. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, a national emblem, but it is also the oldest holiday in the United States. The first time was celebrated in 1766. The meeting point is St. Patrick's Cathedral, between 51st Street and Fifth Avenue, but for those who want something niche, you can also cross the bridge, and go to Brooklyn, where the most spartan is held Irish American Parade.

    La Greek parade takes place on the Sunday closest to 25 March when the Greek community celebrates its independence. It is not a very large community, concentrated mainly in the Astoria neighborhood, in Queens, but it keeps its traditions intact.

    Easter Parade takes place between March and April on Fifth Avenue you will see gentlemen and ladies showing off elegant, perhaps old-fashioned clothes.

    Sikh Cultural Society Parade only if you are a fan of Indian cuisine will you find bread for your teeth in the Indian parade on Broadway which takes place in late April. Turbans and traditional clothing will take you back to the past, into one of the oldest cultures in the world.

    Memorial Day is the parade held on the last Monday of May. A deeply felt national holiday, authentically American. Citizens thank their men who lost their lives in the Armed Forces.

    Latinos Unidos Parade takes place on the first Sunday of May, on Sixth Avenue, a colorful Cuban parade, with over half a million people, Cuban salsa, flags and gadgets of all kinds. The Saturday before the Latin party already begins in the Bronx with a less touristy parade, but just as lively in terms of rhythms and colors.

    In May of Parate there are many and from one country to another but always remaining in New York you can participate in the Turkish parade, a Saturday in the middle of the month, the Haitian parade, one Sunday in the middle of the month, the  Norwegian parade on May 17 and the Israeli one, the last Sunday in May. There Israeli parade has a great tradition in the city, celebrated for the first time in 1964, since then it has paraded in traditional costumes.

    The Parade for thePhilippine independence from Spain takes place on the first Sunday of June.


    Hare Krishna is held on the second Saturday of June while the second Sunday in June is held the Puerto Rican parade. Crowded with tourists who go wild to the rhythm of reggaeton.

    Gay Pride it is celebrated on the last Sunday of June.

    Independence Day takes place on July 4 in memory of 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed by the founding fathers, and to commemorate the event all of Manhattan pours towards the Hudson River, to see the fireworks, while families spend the afternoon around the classic barbecue.

    Dragon Boat Festival in August, a particular race in which the dragon-shaped boats compete with each other with a rem

    Dominican parade it is held on the second Sunday of August, while the third weekend celebrates Indian independence and Pakistani independence at the end of August.

    Labour day with the first Monday of September and a parade on Fifth Avenue. At the same time we celebrate, in Brooklyn, the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade, which is very reminiscent of Caribbean carnivals, and in Astoria, Queens, Brazilian independence is celebrated.

    Feast of San Gennaro and the Italian community goes wild in the Little Italy which turns into a district of Naples. The third weekend of September instead it's up to the Germans to celebrate, with the Steuban Day Parade, named after the officer who fought under the command of General George Wasghinton. Finally, in mid-September, the Mexican community parade.

    Il Columbus Day takes place on the second weekend of October, the day in which the Italian community, at least three million people including descendants, shows what it is capable of, on the famous fifth street. On October 31st it's up to witches and monsters to parade through the streets of Manhattan, with the Halloween Parade.

    Thanksgiving day with the last Thursday of November, Thanksgiving takes place the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

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