V for Vulcano: 5 things to do on the island

I realize that looking out the window certainly does not remind you of the heat, the sun and the sea, but thinking about the Aeolian Islands personally warms my heart. During my blog tour organized by Imperatore Travel I posted lots of photos on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. And if the breathtaking views have not yet made you book already or if you still want some other good reason to visit Vulcano, here are five.

  • Go snorkeling

Leave at home clothes, shoes and coats that have kept you company throughout the year. Set aside the frenetic pace of the city and immerse yourself in the most surreal experience of your life: the crystalline sea, the inlets and the depths of the island of Vulcano will leave you speechless, all sipped by an unreal silence. Not to be missed are the Piscine di Venere (legend has it that the goddess bathed there), the Blue Grotto where to enter is as fascinating as it is scary, but also the Scoglio della Sirena: the statue placed on the rocky summit would have been placed by a man betrayed by his woman for a tourist. I advise you never to venture alone, but to contact a diving center such as the Diving Center Saraceno, to which Imperatore Travel turned for our excursion.

  • Climb the Volcano 

Tiring experience but believe me it's worth it. Climbing the Volcano is free, but it is advisable to go up with a local guide in order to avoid getting lost or climbing on impractical paths. I also recommend that you start climbing around the early afternoon: in addition to the fact that you go to the cool, you will also have the opportunity to watch the sunset from the Volcano. It goes without saying that it is necessary to wear hiking shoes or sneakers, but above all that they are closed shoes to prevent dust or fumes from volcanic gases from causing itching or burning. If you want to be more confident, also wear a pair of high socks to avoid any discomfort.

  • Immerse yourself in mud puddles 

I admit that the strong smell, indeed no ... let's face it, the stench emanating from the clayey mud pools is not inviting, but the result is fabulous. You immerse yourself in a costume for about 20 minutes avoiding contact with the face: you will feel your skin as if immersed in a soft ice cream, even if the smell is more like a rotten egg. Once out of the pool, you rinse yourself in the warm sea, defined as such because jets of hot air depart from the bottom of the sea. Despite the strong smell that will stick to you for at least three days, despite showers and bubble baths to go, your skin will be smooth and soft like never before. The cost to access the complex is 3 euros and always for 3 euros in the surrounding bazaars you will find costumes for both women and men: the corrosive effect of the clayey mud will irreparably spoil your costume, so better buy a new one at a low price or bring behind one that you have to throw away. Remember to also remove earrings, bracelets and necklaces: the mud will blacken them immediately.

  • Indulge in a tasting at the Stevenson cellars 

Stevenson is not a Sicilian surname, clearly. But it is the surname of a traveler, a man of culture or rather a person curious about the world and nature. James Stevenson was a Welshman who, driven by his irrepressible desire to know and discover, came to the Aeolian Islands. It was he who introduced the pumice mining activity and he always began to take an interest in the vineyards in the area. Cantine Stevenson currently has over 600 labels, lots of memorabilia and excellent local cuisine: a mouth-watering visit!

  • Buy and taste the still warm ricotta

You know the ricotta that you buy on offer at the supermarket? Forget it because the one produced at the Vecchia Fattoria is pure poetry for the palate. The ricotta melts in the mouth, with an intense and warm flavor, softened only by the hardness of the bread produced in the countryside. To take care of it is Mr. Fabrizio Lo Piccolo who with his sweet and savory ricotta delights the palate of visitors and non-visitors.

If everything I have told you is not enough, then go there in person and find me other good reasons not to stay on Vulcano.

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