3 restaurants to eat cacio e pepe in Rome

    According to mine very personal experience, the best dish in Rome is cacio e pepe. I know very well that already on the first line of this post a thousand doubts and a thousand disapproval could arise, but everyone has their own tastes and even if carbonara, gricia and other Lazio dishes are tempting, for me the cacio e pepe remains the only one, or better to say the first, Roman-style dish.

    Here are 3 selected places where I ate the best cacio e pepe in Rome with addresses and links to

    Al first place I put So much pe 'magnà, historical place located in Garbatella where often famous people are also found who take refuge in this place to eat some good typical Roman dishes. The name already says a lot, but not everything. The place is rather spartan but the cacio e pepe is a bomb, in absolute first place in Rome for me is Tanto pe 'magnà. The restaurant is located in via giustino de jacobis.

    Al second I put By Gino in Trastevere. The place seems very touristy, it is located in the center of Trastevere and is always crowded with people, often foreigners, but this is where I ate first cacio e pepe of my life and the memory I have of this place is excellent. Da Gino is located in Vicolo Rosini, 4.

    Al third place I put I restart from 3, very famous place in Rome to tell the truth not for the cacio e pepe but more for the pizza. I ate a very good first course there though and I was very satisfied. Ricomincio da tre is located in via amiterno, 56/60.


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