Where to sleep in Salento: B&B Fiordicappero

    Maybe it's June and I still feel cold if I don't use the appropriate jacket to go riding.

    Maybe as of June 5th I haven't even had a bath yet. Not even one! And this for a terruncella thirsty for sea / sun / salt like me is unnerving
    It will be that I am tired of using shoes, clothes, the computer.
    For all these reasons, I have already bought the ticket that will take me where winter is almost unknown, the rain is scarce, the food is amazing.
    No, I am not thinking of any exotic and distant destination. I have a 30 euro ticket (alas ryanar) and a nearby destination: the Salento.
    I'm already savoring the freselle, fished from the five kg bag (carbohydrate overdose I'm coming) And although I already have the sea in my eyes, I already know that I'm going to sleep in the countryside in casarano, from Fiordicappero. And not only because the rooms are spacious and bright, because there is a beautiful outdoor area where you can relax and take in the cool (in July perhaps we can still talk about cool) after a day at the beach. But above all because I want to feel at home, to taste the wonderful breakfasts prepared only with fresh, local and organic products from Cecilia, a Valtellinese with a sweet smile who has decided to go against the tide by moving to Salento and transforming her home into a refuge for travelers who love nature.
    In Fiordicappero you will also find Aligi who will do the honors of the house and who takes care of the olive and fruit trees together with Angela. All three very young (they watch the 30s from afar) but with so many things to tell and a great desire to build around them a community more respectful of nature and ourselves.
    And then there is Sula, or rather Sulatesta, a splendid red foundling, who roams free and happy and who even pleases me who generally am not very friendly to animals.
    In short, a B&B which is also something more than a simple accommodation and which I also recommend for its value for money and for the location that is perfect for discovering Salento.

    What: B&B Fiordicappero
    Where: Casarano, Salento
    Info: http://www.fiordicappero.it/

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