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    Where to eat in Paris: 48 rue Condorcet

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    When we lived in Paris in our 24 mXNUMX, my roommate and I had few rules, one of them was to firmly believe in everything that was written in the Hitchhiker from which we separated with difficulty and pain. It was thanks to her that we found one of the best restaurants in Paris, our favorite place to go with guests or where to spend some extra money saved at the end of the month. Now years later, I still recommend it to anyone who goes to Paris and just a few weeks ago after telling a friend to try this restaurant I had the pleasure of discovering that nothing has changed since then.

    Chez Pascal, 48 rue condorcet rises in the shadow of Montmartre and as soon as you step inside you will realize that you are in a surreal place. Few tables, witches and fairies hanging from the ceiling, an open kitchen, a huge dog so well-mannered that he doesn't move from his pillow and then he, Pascal, the landlord, who will treat you as if you were his old friends. There you are at his home, his guests, and he will do everything to get you back. He always gave me lollipops and candies.

    I still remember how it was yesterday the excellent parmentier de canard with baked potatoes and the crème brûlèe I broke with a spoon dreaming of being Amélie. The appetizers are also delicious, and in each dish you will find the care and personal touch of an artist.

    Be careful though, Pascal welcomes you to his house so it is not always open. There are weekend or evenings when it closes, so from 19pm onwards I recommend you call and don't worry at all if you don't speak perfect French. There is no person in the world more kind and sympathetic than Pascal, who, before leaving you, usually donates a drawing of Vuitton, his large parlor dog.

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